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    Mandarin Orchard Singapore

    Hi emily, any updates in the wedding lunch? Thanks.
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    Patching back after break off

    personally dont believe in patching up after breaking up..dont think it'll work
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    How to make soup for steamboat?

    pork bones/chicken bones, corn, cabbage, red dates, dried scallops.. all these ingredients will make your soup sweet.
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    Diamond ring - wat size ?

    what is the clarity?it matters too
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    Advice on Buying my first Car!

    we are driving a mazda and and it is wonderful vroom vroom~
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    Cats Lovers??

    MEOWLLO to all cat lovers! i have 2 cats too, zach and zinc! one is ginger and one is a tabby. will post photos soon~
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    hope u have found a solution to your probs heartbroken girl... my heart goes out to you... just remember that no matter what you do it's most impt that you're keeping yourself happy...
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    Tips to conceive?

    you can join singaporemotherhood forum to get some tips..there are many ladies TTC like you and will be able to share some tips with you... good luck!
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    sometimes he may be lying if he thinks it's better for you not to know the truth, but of course you have to monitor and see how long the lying lasts... now that you have found out that he is lying it's better that you find a good time to sit down and talk about it... keeping it to yourself may...
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    Nice and cheap Lightings

    light craft @ jalan basar is good. reasonable pricing and 3 floors worth of lights for u to choose from. good variety. after sales service is good too. i regret that i only bought 1 light from them coz i already bought the rest from another light shop
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    Nice and cheap Lightings

    must be careful with these light shops, alot of them are not ethical and mark up their prices alot
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    Advice : Not to use Visualwerks

    yeah, impt to find a photographer who is trustworthy for our big day.
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    Anyone been to Macau???

    cabs are cheap in HK, we mainly cabbed our way around except on HK island where we took MTR alot
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    Heartbreaking story to ready

    will help to spread the word and may charmaine recover soon~ god bless
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    yah it is true, the Aussino towels aren't very good quality... i bought quite a few at their sales...
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    Any comments on OM furniture?

    pricey pricey... not sure about the quality and whether it's value for money...
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    Do bridesmaids pay for their own dresses?

    i got my jiemeis' dresses from Love Potion as well. What I did was to try and buy dresses that my jiemeis could wear on normal days as well so that they can wear it post wedding. My jiemei dresses look like sundresses so they can wear it to lunch weddings or wedding dinners or normal day out ;)
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    4" Wedding Shoes

    Paradox (Takashimaya) has nice wedding shoes... I got mine from Guess (Taka)
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    To video or not to video

    I was a bride last year and I was also considering to go without a Videographer. Finally decided to get one (the Wedding Paparazzi) as we decided it would be a good way to remember our wedding by and a good keepsake to have. You only get married once in a life time and it's definitely worthwhile...
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    Lobang needed for racks in bombshelter/storerms!!!

    I bought mine from Howards Storage World. They have a few variations for us to mix and match with so that it fits into the storeroom/bomb shelter. Service at the Harbourfront branch is excellent too!