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    wedding photo shoot

    hihi, i think i will be having my wedding photo shoot in Sep.. is there anything i should do before the wedding shoot? need to go try gown for the shoots also right? around when must i go try the gowns? then.. i sign package with feline bridal.. does the MUA follow when i go outdoor shooting...
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    Wedding Shoes

    hihi, normally how many pairs of shoes are needed for wedding? then normally shoe choose plain shoes or shoes with a lot of bling bling? thanks!
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    50pax wedding lunch/dinner venue - any recommendations?

    hi, i think i would prefer a Chinese restaurant? the wedding will be held next year, between March - June. do you have any other suggestions other than the restaurant at sembawang park? actually.. on the actual wedding day itself. there wont be any gate crash in the morning and etc. but, i...
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    50pax wedding lunch/dinner venue - any recommendations?

    Hi, Any recommendations for nice restaurant/hotel for wedding lunch/dinner which can cater to 50pax? My budget is about $60 per pax. My email add is : [email protected] Thanks! Elaine
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    ROM + lunch/dinner?

    hi, i think i will be having my ROM this by this year. depending on how fast my flat is built. the thing is, i plan to just go ROM there sign. then after i finish with the renovation then i start to prepare for my wedding lunch/dinner. but the thing is, my lunch/dinner is a relatively small one...