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    Four seasons Hotel wedding luncheon 3 dec 2017

    hi can u email me at [email protected] i m looking at this hotel and confirmed that there is slot for my date. pls let me know if u still giving up thanks
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    Giving up Conrad wedding banquet lunch 22/10/2017

    hi if its still avail pls email me at [email protected] ive checked with hotel and they have my dates... so if possible let me know on ur package thanks
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    Letting go of wedding banquet at Hotel Fort Canning 2017

    hi pls email me if u still giving it up at [email protected] thanks
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    WTS (URGENT) - Hotel Fort Canning Wedding Lunch Package

    hi still avail? pls email me at [email protected] thanks
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    Four seasons Hotel wedding luncheon 3 dec 2017

    Hi. Issit still avail? Pls email me at [email protected]
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    Westin hotel package letting go

    Hi could u pm me the details? [email protected]
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    NOVOTEL 2nd sept 2017

    Hi im waiting for ur email [email protected] Would like to know more0
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    WTS Wedding Banquet - Copthorne King's Hotel

    This dates suit me... pls pm me thabks [email protected]
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    Hi. Still available?