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    WTS New Bridal Jacket for Winter/ Snowy Outdoor - Great for prewed shoot

    Hi is it still available ? Thanks
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    Letting go March 2018 Luncheon @ ParkRoyal on Pickering

    Hi can I have the package details thanks
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    Looking for banquet, photography, makeup (2018)

    Hi can I have details of both? Thanks
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    Letting go Dinner Banquet, AD Photographer, Photobooth, MUA - 7 Oct

    Hi can the AD photography be for next year?
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    To let go: Conrad Wedding lunch @ 22 Oct 2017

    Hi is it still available ?
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    Letting go 22 Oct 17 Conrad Wedding Lunch

    Hi is it still available?
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    Letting go 5th Nov 2017 Grand Hyatt wedding lunch

    Hi is it still available ? Kindly email me at [email protected]
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    Conrad Centennial Singapore

    Hey there I was there too! Thought the perks were not given that it's lunch. When's your AD?