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    so troubled! any advise is greatly appreciated

    Cloudyfluff, I think you need to loosen up a little more. You might be over-reacting in my opinion. Honestly, I might feel uneasy if this were to happen to my wife but there are different ways to look at it. I might see this as a holiday and be more relaxed over certain red tape. I can see it...
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    Wedding Guest Issue

    Its common to have disagreement but it can be solved by communication. There will be difference in opinion as we live in different generation as our parents. I think most times pressure come from your respective parents for they hope to have as many of their friends and relatives sharing this...
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    Yoni Massage

    Kytheon, You can explore this link ; I believe there might be others courses available elsewhere if you are not comfortable with your hub practising it on a model as this is part of the module in this course. Just google Yoni Massage lesson Singapore...
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    Views on HDB VS CONDO/EC for first home

    Hi, why not consider BTO as there are some great location to consider in the BTO sale in Nov. Great location - Bedok ( beside Bedok Mall and MRT ), Kallang ( Beside Kallang MRT ) and of cos the much hyped Bidadari location. That is, if you dont mind waiting. I might go for condo for your case...
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    Yoni Massage

    Repeating the same pattern ? I think you are not alone in this. I am too, for a while. Beside emotional attachment, I think the lack of sexual fulfillment might be high on the list on why married men ( or women ) decide to look outside marriage to satisfy their desire. I do discuss with my wife...
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    Yoni Massage

    Hi Wives, Have you heard about Yoni Massage ? In a nutshell, it means a sensual massage with a "happy ending" for the women. It starts off with an oil massage on the body before proceeding to an erotic massage of the clitoris and vagina till you orgasm. Question. I've chanced upon sites that...
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    Mixed Feelings

    GROW UP !
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    Wife cheated and baby not mine

    This is a man's worst nightmare I supposed. I try to put myself in your situation. If everything being equal, the effort she puts in to save this marriage will determine if I would carry on - Her assurance, committment and most importantly her love towards me. Sit her down and listen to "the...