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    Regent Singapore

    Thanks honeycrumbs! Your wedding must have been a beautiful memory for u now. As I'm planning for a wedding this year, I didn't have much choices left. Only nassim room is available on the date that I wanted. May I know what type of perks were given to you? My coordinator gave me a list of...
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    Regent Singapore

    Hi shawna, could you please share what perks u have received? I'm meeting up with Willius in a few days. Would like to know what you and mabel had. When was your AD? How was the AD if you had it already? Can PM me at [email protected] Thanks!!
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    Hotel Jen Tanglin, Singapore by Shangri-La

    Hi hotel jen tanglin, May I know if the ballrooms for small weddings (I.e. Min 15, Max 19) is available for either lunch or dinner on 2nd Oct 2016? Additionally, is there any upcoming wedding shows? Thanks!
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    Master David Tong's Advice Corner (Geomancy and Fengshui)

    Dear Master Tong, I was told that 2016 is a bad year for dragon born in 1988 to get married, as it 犯太岁. Is it true? Groom: rat 1984 Bride: dragon 1988 Groom's dad: tiger 1950 Groom's mum and bride's dad: snake 1953 Bride's mum: dog 1958 We are looking at 2nd Oct 2016. Is this a good date...