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    Ever dealt with a spouse with borderline personality disorder?

    Didn't you find out more about her before marrying her?
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    How can I salvage my marriage.

    Thanks and best wishes to you too.
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    Devastated and Lost

    This is the ills we yield when we give girls the sense of impunity for behaving like whores. Remember the case when a 17 year old who sold her body for riches protected with a gag order? This sends the message to young girls to exploit their body while they can. And after they realise how...
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    How can I salvage my marriage.

    You need help.
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    How can I salvage my marriage.

    A pity only in a deluded surrealism will divorce come immediately. Letting go sometimes involve getting into another relationship while still being stuck in the doomed marriage. Clinging on to a marriage that's ended before the divorce commence by threats and using children will do neither...
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    How can I salvage my marriage.

    You still really can't understand the concept of liberation.
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    How can I salvage my marriage.

    I think you have difficulty understanding the concept of 'letting go what's not yours'.
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    How can I salvage my marriage.

    Your view is overly idealistic. When your other half has seeked the comforts of another relationship indicates your other half has decided to move on. While certain attachments still shackles them to the previous relationship but the fundamentals of a relationship has been violated to...
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    Annulment advise needed

    When either of you is looking to build up another relationship already.
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    How can I salvage my marriage.

    The only reason why an affair is justifiable is when the other party has an affair first. Unless the TS had an affair, it is unreasonable her husband is having one.
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    I missed my Bali trip too. Fantastic motorcycle rides and great views. But I think we won't be able to go until probably the end of 2021.
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    Break up when we were working things out...

    Do consider giving him space. Give him 1 month to sort things out. If he contacts you during this month then there's a chance you two can work out. But if you don't hear from him after 1 month, at least you know it's over. He knows both of you have been putting in efforts to make things work but...
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    Pin Jing & Ang Bao Issues

    I cannot fathom the obsession people have with financially crippling traditions like wedding banquets which very frequently leads to nothing but strained relationships. If money becomes the central of attention that has to be diverted to who or where because someone feels shortchanged then isn't...
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    8years of relationship (broke up before banquet and ROM)

    Base on experience, it is clear she has found someone else and she is using you as back up in case the other side didn't work out. She can keep you warm by guilt tripping you with her accusations of your imperfections so that you remain a steady catch until the day she either takes the other...
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    Cheating Wife

    Sounds like a textbook example of a contingency man. Just like your wife, my ex wife also cheated and was extremely creative with her excuses for cheating. I was being treated as a fall back plan while she searches for her true bf. And she readily divorced when she found him taking away a lot of...
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    Has anyone come across my situation?

    You have grossly misunderstood the legal landscape here if you believe that there's equal rights between men and women. The women's charter is an unfairly powerful tool that held me ransom for years while my ex wife searches for a bf while being married to me.
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    What makes a guy ‘ghost’ or ‘disappear’ without a word?

    One of my former army mate whom I bumped back into at our car group meet up was diagnosed with cancer during the 2008 financial crisis while he was expecting to lose his job which came as expected. The double blow caused him to go into depression and ghosted on a girl he liked whom he met from a...
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    Relationship and sex

    Do you want to try venturing Thai? If race is a problem to you, then you should not get into a relationship. Limit your sexual provision to the transactional type. A wife needs to be respected, she is not married to you to serve your every need without your effort to reciprocate.
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    Live or die?

    You are the aggressor and not the victim. You have ruined the lives of many but return to your old spot of feeling sorry for yourself. You deserve to lose your job and you don't deserve to be helped because a woman will always pick up your mess for you. What a loser you are.
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    Has anyone come across my situation?

    I am not sure if you are scouting for the obvious answers or plain daft. She is a Singaporean woman protected to the full extent of the Women’s charter. As long as she gets a sucker to marry her, she will be protected for life unless she does something to revoke that. If a woman loves you, she...