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    Dealing with trust issues

    I agree too. A face to face talk will be required and you need to be calm and not to bring up a fight first. Let him know your worries and concerns. If suspicion keeps on continue and even worse with balming and etc., eventually what you think will happen will eventually happen. This is what...
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    Fengshui Master

    Hi, I've been wanting to buy an HDB. I would like to know is there anything I need to especially have an eye on choosing the correct feng shui flat. Couldn't really afford a Feng Shui master. If the price is cheap then I can still consider as reno and buy a flat will cost too much for me.
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    Evil Boss

    Yes! Definitely! So double standard one and always thought herself know everything then comment on everything when the point is it really cannot done in that way. She keeps creating problems rather than solving the problem itself. Still, she says herself how good she is but it is the other way...
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    Eyelash Extension

    But Punggol is too far for me. I would really love to know how long the eyelash extensions can really last.
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    Help! Husband sleep issues. What can I do?

    If you had no time to go to specialist so soon, you can try this. There's a lot other brands too which can help out with your problems. Hopefully by using this product can reduce his snoring problem.
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    Chicken pox scar removal

    I'm using bio oil. And the effect not too good. The scars have lighten but not all of it even after using the whole bottle of it. Better to seek a doctor's opinion.