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    Wts : wedding gown

    Hello, still available ?
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    WTS wedding dinner on 24 Sep 2017

    Hi , Pls pm me!
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    WTS My Dream Wedding package

    Upppp... Selling off at $2750.
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    Wedding Deco/ Accessories for Sale

    Hi, Can pm the price for the wedding signage? Thanks
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    WTS My Dream Wedding package

    Hi All, I am letting go of my wedding package with My Dream Wedding Pre wedding & Ad package due to personal reason. Managed to negotiate a very good deal .Package Expiring in Jan 2018 Please pm me for more info. Thanks
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    Letting go: ZTAGEWedding Bridal Package

    Hi, How much are you letting go ?
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    Letting go: Banquet Entertainment - Live Band or String Quartet

    Hi, Can pm me the details of the band? Thanks
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    Post Wedding Sale / Rent

    Hi, Pls pm me the rental for photobook Deco Thanks.