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    Wedding bands

    Just wondering do you guys engrave anything on the bands?
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    sensitive eyes to make up (searching for ways to cure)

    Yes there are eyedrops out there for allergy eyes, you could probably use it for a short period of time nearing the wedding day. The medicine is prescription only.. Might want to check with doctor
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    Rom dress

    I already factored in time for the dress change. 6pm solemnisation and 7pm dinner. Make up can just touch up heavier for the banquet. If just solely based on rom alone, thinking of I should go for a long or short dress
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    Rom dress

    Oops forget the details. Rom before the dinner banquet at the hotel.. At the outdoor garden area
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    Rom dress

    Help! Can't decide if I want a short or long dress for rom. Short dress with a poofy skirt or long sheath dress would be nicer? Need opinions please
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    Makeup Artist needed!

    Do you girls engage the MUA based on their portfolio or does anyone go for a trial make up?
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    Videographer necessary?

    Pictures and videos is more for keeping the memories after your wedding has passed, for me it's not so much for showing people during banquet. You can't buy back this day again next time. So I'm having AD video for whole day. =)
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    Chris Ling photography package

    Hi, would anyone be interested in a photography package from Chris Ling. - Pre wed photography (8 hours) - Pre wed make up artist + 1 dress rental from Z weddings for photoshoot - 32 selected pictures for album - Actual day photography (10 hours) Please PM me for details.
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    (2015/06) Any June 2015 brides?

    woshileen, your photoshoot is so early! thats 9 months before!
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    Makeup Artist needed!

    Actually whats the difference between airbrush make up and normal makeup?
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    (2015/05) May 2015 wedding

    Hi all, what do you all think of the Tiffany atlas ring (with 3 diamonds) as a wedding band? Am afraid it would look more like a costume jewellery instead of a timeless design. Considering between that or an infinity band. Need some opinions..
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    (2015/10) October 2015 BTBs

    Hi hippowoody, can you send me the rates for the event stylist? Thanks!!!
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    Need opinions on gown change

    Jasmine, how come so many?
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    Need opinions on gown change

    Afraid about time constraints at the hotel between the tea ceremony and solemnisation to change outfits. I guess hair and make up can use the same.. Maybe just change the hair piece? I have got too many outfits that I want to wear, cannot give up any haha!
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    Need opinions on gown change

    Will be holding tea ceremony, solemnisation and wedding dinner all at the hotel. Was wondering if it would be too excessive to have my outfit change as such: -white wedding gown in morning -kua for tea ceremony at husband's house Then proceed to hotel, -cheongsam for tea ceremony at hotel for...
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    Customise bears

    Hi all, Does anyone know where i can get customised bear costumes done? As my fiance and i both wear uniforms to work, im hoping i can find someone to sew a miniature replica of the uniforms. Intending to dress the bears for our wedding.