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    (2012/07) JULY 2012 BTB

    Polkadotsfreak, I will be having Wedding Lunch at Tung Lok, The Central. Kinda excited , basically I dunno what else I need to do now. hahahah Basically waiting for the Big day to come :p
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    (2012/07) JULY 2012 BTB

    Hei, Polkadotsfreak, Mine on 8th July too :D
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    (2012/07) JULY 2012 BTB

    Hi all, I am July BTB :D. How's preparation? I am very excited & almost done here but in the midst of deciding the Ang Pow figures for Jie Mei, brothers & helpers. Headache.... :p
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    Good JP to recommend?

    Thanks Smilem I am yet to get any JP as my ROM is in Jul 2012
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    Fullerton Bay for wedding?

    Hi Nic, Do you mind sharing some shots from your banquet in the straits room & the solemnisation ceremony in the east garden. I am pretty keen in holding mine there too... Please email me at [email protected] Thank you very much.
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    Good JP to recommend?

    Hi everyone, Is it a must to invite a JP that is near our home? or was it near our ROM location?
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    $100 for Registrar to officiate solemnization outdoors??

    Hi May Lim, Me too!! [email protected] Thank you very much!