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    Last min taiwan pre wed shoot in Nov 5!

    anyone interested in going for taiwan pre wed shoot in nov 5? Letting go my taiwan pre-wed shoot + actual day gown rental. All in for ur wedding. Let me know. I got the package at $3988 and letting go at $3388.
  2. A u think i could get a refund from bs?

    Had learnt a lesson through this nightmare.
  3. A u think i could get a refund from bs?

    Sorry to hear about your experience too. I went down yesterday for another fitting as they mentioned that they will prepare their plus size selection for me. But ended up it is still selection from the same rack. Just that they choose gowns that are not too fitting. I am able to fit in the gown...
  4. A u think i could get a refund from bs?

    I have actually visited 3 bridal store after this incident and i am relieved to say that i can fit in their gown at ease. Infact more bridal store now adays do have plus size wedding gown. Just that the selection will naturally be leeser then regular sized gown. Thanks for yoyr recommendation, i...
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    Letting go Pre-wed photography service to taiwan & actual day gown rental package

    Hi, i am letting go my Taiwan Pre-wed photography package thats also includes actual day gown rentals. Reason: They do not have plus size gown for me. If you are a regular size bride, you have no worries at all with their large selection. The bridal studio company is Wedding Dress. Letting go...
  6. A u think i could get a refund from bs?

    I signed an open date pre-wedding photography package to taiwan which includes actual day gowns rental with a bridal studio during a roadshow in 2015. Payment for the package has been fully paid for. We made a trip down to the bridal studio in april this year to arrange for our pre-wed shoot as...