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    Ignorant Gal Seeking Advice

    actually things can be resolve if both of you gives each other a chance to love each other again. because i have almost the same(90%)story as you. Don't feel like elaborating here. but now, we are both married and living happily together. decided on urself whether is he worth you the...
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    Sex before Marriage?

    yes..i agree with Tizane...Sex is "physical intimacy is the key to any relationship or marriage". i would say Sex is the extension of love. do you agree?
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    Tips on good sex

    i tot you are not very happy with your hb..why shd u bother to find out ways to please him? dun tell me this kind of things also need you to chap? haiz...sadz..
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    Any guy can advice?

    actually there are a few reasons: - probably you did not make him feel that you are the best girl for him - probably he does not love you that much after all - most guys like to feel the thrill of "xian-ing another girl - maybe you both are in a relationship for too long and the sparks...
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    Advice please

    report to police are just too soft hearted...