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    Hokkaido - Anyone going during CNY?

    is it ok going hokkaido during summer?
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    is hokkaido tour popular only during its winter? wats hot if visiting during summer?
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    qwerty, ur hse is v pretty, is d tv console custome made? is it attached to d chest nx to it? how much hv u paid for that?
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    heard people comment that aussino towels not v good, after wash, d towels drop a lot of threads. true?
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    Kitchen cabinets

    I would like to change the kitchen cabinet handles. wonder if can jz remove n replace d handles.
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    About Long John Silvers

    I think they the px in the menu excl. gst, so when u pay, the px seems different.
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    Wedding Rings

    r ur pair of wings platinum or white gold? i think gold heart once had a plain white gold ring for $300. no diamond, no pattern, jz a plain ring.
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    Will you attend your friend's wedding dinner 2 months apart from yours?

    my parents r superstitious. I and my wife's friend had the wedding on the same month. she n her family is not pangtang, so she wants to attend her friend's, but when my parents know it, they forbid her to attend. even now after few years, she still think that she shd attend her friend's wedding...
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    How much to prepare for GATE crashing ang pow

    i think the angpao amt is up to individual, so long it wont blow a hole in ur pocket n u r v comfortable w/ d amt, ok liao. i think if ur jiemei n xiongdi r really ur good friends n care for u two, they wont mind how much the AP is. if they mind, they r narrow minded, coz they dun understand...
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    Anyone else disappointed with KFC food?

    yes i ate once at KLCC kfc n the chicken is yummy, the coleslaw is fresh. i didnt once have this good quality of food in singapore!
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    Anyone else disappointed with KFC food?

    yeah KFC chickens hv become smaller n smaller. normally i will b full w/ 2 chicken parts. now my stomach is half full w/ the pathetically small parts.
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    "PINJIN (聘金)" and tables anyone?

    i think $3k is quite reasonable, so long the groom can easily afford it
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    A Place To Vent Anger on Monster In Laws

    janica, ur fil is really too much. even know u r at home dun hv 2 bang the door. if he expects someone open the door he shd call 2 mk sure someone is going 2 open the door. or u can let him bang until every neighbor know n call police, c if can teach him or not.
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    Feel unwell after drinking coffee

    i know some people will feel giddy...thus wanna pass out. wong yy, do u feel really sleepy or faint feeling?
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    try the food stalls located at the road sides, like curry fish balls, egg tarts, bo law bao, deep fried snacks, they r all yummy. n do visit the cha chen ting, forget abt fancy restuarnat.
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    Phuket, Patong Beach

    anyone can share?
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    Phuket, Patong Beach

    anyone ever stayed at banthai or holiday inn? which is better n cheaper? which months go there better? how mins walk from these hotels to the patong beach?
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    Any Good Air Con servicer to recommend?

    I was quoted $80 to pump gas, servicemen said can make the air con cooler. if there is leakage, where doese it from?