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    how fast did you get your prewed album

    I am actually v late to take prewed shoot, ard 3 months left to my AD. If I can confirm and take my prewed shoot within these 2 weeks and of course provided they got slot during this 2 weeks to take photo, do you are think the bridal shop will be in time to do up the prewed album in around 2.5...
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    Rico A Mona bride

    Anyone know how much to top up if wan to change the AD gown?
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    WTS: Labelle Bridal Package (Pre-wedding & AD)

    Hi can pm me Ur selling price or email me at [email protected] thanks.
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    WTS: Rico A Mona package

    Hi can pm me the details or email me at [email protected] thanks.
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    WTB dinner banquet on 13 Jan 2018

    Pls pm me.
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    WTB banquet dinner on 13 Jan 2018

    35-40 tables
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    2018 BTB

    Pls share w me too.. [email protected]
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    Simple prewed and ad with photography

    Hi anyone has any recommendations on prewed and ad with photography packages pls? Looking for basic package only. Thanks.
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    TWC Wedding Package to let go

    Hi so the AD photography is included in the package?