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    Chijmes long table seating arrangement

    Did the wedding planner tell you what is the comfortable number at one long table?
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    Acne problem

    Maybe you would like to identify the food that triggers your acne. One good way to start is by eliminating high sugar source (soft drinks, pastries etc) and dairy. As a guide, drink at least 8 glasses of water every day.
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    Should I divorce over a lazy husband?

    What do you hope to achieve if you sit down with him? That's the question you have to ask yourself. Can your objective be met if you sat down with him? When you break the news to him, he'll likely go through the following emotional stages: denial, anger, depression, bargaining, and acceptance...
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    Any good divorce lawyer to recommend?

    I recommend Aye Cheng Shone as she specialises in family law. You can read more about her here:
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    Emcee Script For Solemnization

    You can take a look at this: Hope this helps! :)
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    Unable to post

    Hi Jen1116, We have not allowed review of pre-wedding shoot by Korean studio in Korea as we had many suspicious reviews and spam. We have also learnt that some studio encouraged the couples to post in our forum to get extra perks. Because of this, as a rule, we are not allowing reviews or...
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    anyone can advise who is this SOLEMNISER ? (URGENT HELP)

    If you are looking for Mandarin speaking solemnisers, you can refer to this list which indicates the language spoken:
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    Touched bed during "An Chuang (安床)"

    Yeah, don't worry about it. :)
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    Anyone has reliable feng shui master to recommend?

    You may also like to checkout this list of fengshui masters:
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    Wedding speech

    You can take a look at the list of wedding speeches and articles here:
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    Aimin slimming

    This article may be a good reference:
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    WTB (want to buy) AD (actual day) photography package

    Can take a look at this thread 'WTS AD photography & videography package'
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    I like an attached guy

    My advice is to break this relationship so that you can look for other partner who will really genuinely care about you. When you are in a healthy and caring relationship, you'll be much happier. Don't settle for this.
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    AD wedding lunch videography / livestream 26.12.2021

    For videography, can check out this list: For livestream, can refer to this list:
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    Fengshui Master

    Can check out this list with pricing and ratings: