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  1. yukime

    2019 BTB

    hi xbd, ohh so this are your worries because the previous thread you didnt mention. Let her know that Makeup she have to do it herself if she need a Professional MUA to do her makeup then ask her to pay the Makeup and hairdo Services. As for Buffet, Let her know that you and Your hubby will...
  2. yukime

    2018 BTB

    If it's Uncomfortable for you, Then you should Change. Wedding is Yours not others and its once in your lifetime. My Wedding was last month and after my wedding, you will know What true friends are. Last Minute Cancellation, etc. Most Importantly, Both You and Your Hubby Should Enjoy the...
  3. yukime

    Master David Tong's Advice Corner (Geomancy and Fengshui)

    Hi Master Tong, I would like to ask if after calculating the auspicious timing that groom and bride have to step into Groom house after 11am, Could we change the venue “groom house” to Hotel? So it’s like stepping into groom house at 11am. Because only can step into groom house at 11am or 3am(no...
  4. yukime

    Need Help on the "Thank you Speech"

    Hi Everyone, I Need Help Urgently on the "Thank you Speech" for English & as well the Mandarin. Does Anyone have sample of it? My HTB and I are stage fright person, so it will be nice to keep it Simple and Pleasant speech. Please Drop me an email at [email protected] Hereby, Thanks for your reply.
  5. yukime

    MUA & Hairstylist

    8500 3796
  6. yukime

    Nov 2018 btb

    How's the Preparation going for Nov 2018 BTB?
  7. yukime

    Makeup Ampoules

    Normally your MUA will ask you if you wanna use theirs. Because they will advise you to use theirs and they will find some excuses like your ampoule might not suitable. For my pre-wedding shoot, i used my MUA's ampoule. If you insist getting your own Ampoule, you may get it from Laneige, Body...
  8. yukime

    Wedding band recommendations and rates

    You may try out House of Hung/JannPaul @ Far East Shopping Center. My Fiance bought Proposal Ring from there and as well as We bought our Wedding bands from there. Excellent Service and you also can custom made your own desire ring.
  9. yukime

    M Hotel Singapore

    Looking forward on your part 2
  10. yukime

    Looking for Banquet Packages for 11 Nov 2018

    Looking for Banquet Packages for 11 Nov 2018 Lunch 18-21Tables
  11. yukime

    2018 BTB

    Orchard Hotel would be the Best choice if you compare within these choices. MBS food wise is not that great. Too many Ballrooms there are confusing too.
  12. yukime

    2018 BTB

    Next would be sourcing your Bridal shop and MUA, Photographer/Videographer/Cinematographer for AD. and need to prepare for Photoshooting soon as you need to check out the particular Bridal Shop you chose, schedule for Pre wedding shoot appointment as you're Sept BTB will be kinda of rush too...
  13. yukime

    2018 BTB

    Thanks jasmine! ^-^
  14. yukime

    2018 BTB

    Hi jasmine! Could you share the info to us here please. or you could email me at [email protected]
  15. yukime

    Mandarin Oriental or Fullerton

    I agree Mandarin Oriental has good food.
  16. yukime

    Hidden cost of bridal packages

    It's a type of serum but far more nourish to your skin, it absorb pretty well and depend which brand of ampoules you buy. In the Market, there are a lot of different ampoules. I personally use L'Herboflore brand Mask and ampoules. Before makeup best is to do a mask for 20-25mins after that...
  17. yukime

    wedding shopping

    For me, some of the stuffs i will probably buy from Taobao but quality wise if you want to ensure nothing goes wrong probably buy from shop so you could physically touch the quality etc..
  18. yukime

    2018 BTB

    Set a budget first before deciding, there many beautiful places in local too. Most importantly, both of you gonna enjoy yourselves.
  19. yukime

    Copthorne King's Hotel

    I was recommended this hotel by my BFF. She told me recently she attended a friend wedding @ Copthorne King, the food was marvelous and highly recommended! After that wedding, her friend's relatives mostly engage with this hotel. So i myself have shortlist this hotel too. I believe Good Food are...