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    Rooms for brothers and sisters?

    Thanks for the reply. :D
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    Rooms for brothers and sisters?

    Hi, may i know is it common to give the brothers and sisters a room per group to rest in? I booked a restaurant so rooms are not included. Was wondering if the rooms are necessary. Thank you
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    Looking for Good Nubra

    Hi pollypockets, any idea whats the shop name? Am looking for one too. Thank you
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    Medical checkup

    Hi, would like to check if anyone did medical checkup before marriage? Is it common? Thank you
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    Asuspicious timing

    Hi, how about the bride's side? Must rush back after groom side finish to serve tea before end of auspicious hour or can be at the start of another auspicious hour in the day? Cause we happen to live very far. Thank you.
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    Asuspicious timing

    Ok thx for the advise
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    Asuspicious timing

    Oops then i will have a problem cause the timing is like 8 to 10, 11 to 1 then 2 to 10pm. :(
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    Asuspicious timing

    Hi does anyone know if the auspicious time is stated as 8am till 10am. Then the bride is to leave the house (after gate crash) at 10am also ok or must reach groom house by 10am? Thank you
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    Hand bouquet

    Hi, would like to know if anyone uses artificial flowers as hand bouquet? The flowers that I want is not in season during my wedding day so thinking of getting the artificial version. But not sure if this is common? Or real flowers should be used? Thank you.
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    Remedy for oily scalp

    Hi, I'm switching between phyto purifying treatment shampoo for oily scalp and suave daily clarifying shampoo. My scalp improved quite abit. The phyto brand have another daily use type too. Can try.
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    Fitness Trainer

    Hi, does anyone has any personal trainer to recommend? If anyone did, how much is the fees? Thinking of hiring one to tone down but I feel that the gym prices are abit too expensive. Thank you.
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    JB bridal package

    Hi can send me the contact? Thank you so much.
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    JB bridal package

    Hi, does anyone know if the bridal shop at JB do actual day wedding too? I know their pre-wedding package prices are very attractive but isnt it more expensive if i have to find someone to do the actual day too? From what i know Singapore bridal shop usually does both. Thank you.
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    Taiwan Photoshoot pkg with free 2N hotel stay

    Hi, can email the package details (shop name, date bought, etc) to [email protected]? Thank you.