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    WTS: Sattine Bridal Package

    Dear all, I have made a $500 deposit for the below package a few years ago, willing to let go at $350. Package worth $3600. Interested, please PM me. Thanks. Details: Wedding Section Wedding Gown - OTR Rental Evening Gown - OTR Rental Gent's Suit x 2 - OTR Rental Bridal Makeup & Hairdo x...
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    Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

    Hi all, I am deciding between Marriott and Swissotel Merchant Court, which would be better? I have friends telling me that the Marriott ballroom is quite small. For 40 tables, is it really the case? Will it make my ballroom look cramped?
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    Pan Pacific Singapore

    Hi, i'm considering Pan Pac as well. I'm totally new to all these banquet stuff... can anyone tell me how long in advance do I have to book the place etc?
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    Raffles Town Club Solemnization

    Hi joyce.. i think the lounge can only fit up to 50 pax.. More than that have to book the ballroom already.
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    Raffles Town Club Solemnization

    hmm not really. so far there wasn't anyone who had to stand to eat. Your guests can also sit at certain sofas outside the lounge.
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    Raffles Town Club Solemnization

    Hi Joleen, yup.. unless your guests got bigger appetites than mine, lol. I think if you are expecting 50 guests, u can order food for 40 to be safe. Try to order filling dishes like noodles/beehoon on the menu so ur guests won't get so hungry. hehe. By the way, read from here that the pandan...
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    Raffles Town Club Solemnization

    Hi Christopher and joyce, My photos are not ready yet, cos I engaged a photographer to take all the pics.. gotta wait a month to show u guys~ hehe. As for the package, what i remember is it costs $30++ per pax, can choose 5 appetizers, 7 main dishes and 5 desserts. If you invite 50pax and...
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    Raffles Town Club Solemnization

    Hey girls! Just had my ROM at RTC yesterday, 22nd Dec. I held it at the lounge. It is small but could contain all my guests. As advised by another fellow bride who ROM there, I did not cater the buffet for 100% of my guests. I ordered for 35 pax but invited 40. End up, about 50 guests turned...
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    Any JP or GL for recommendations

    Thanks everyone for ur concern. I randomly called up a JP, his name is Dr. Lim Lan Yuan. Sounded quite friendly on the phone & emailed me his consent form on the same day.
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    Any JP or GL for recommendations

    Hey girls. I am now very panicky. 3 months ago I called Mr Phang to be my solemnizer and he agreed. Just yesterday, he called to say he can't make it and referred Mr Koh to me. My solemnization starts at 2pm and I am getting the JP to come at 2.30pm. But Mr Koh said he can't guarrantee that...
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    Raffles Town Club Solemnization

    I have 35 confirmed guests. But most probably I will increase. Yes, mine is at the lounge too. Bridget said that my guests are allowed to sit at the chairs outside. I'm not takin the hotel room though i would love to. It's quite nice.. But my BF's mum has booked us an executive chalet at...
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    Raffles Town Club Solemnization

    hi Van, my coordinatoor is also Bridget. Me too heard a lot about Guek Peng, i think she is more experienced. I met Bridget, she is very young only. In her 20s I guess... I already emailed her more than a week ago but she did not reply at all. I was asking whether she could change the...
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    COME Share: Carat/Clarity/Colour of Ur Diamond Ring

    I have no idea why but my FH's mum told me that goldsmith shops are better for getting diamond rings, she told me not to buy from places like Goldheart, SK, etc. So, we went to several goldsmith shops today and i saw a nice diamond ring, around 0.3 carats. The diamonds are really nice but they...
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    Raffles Town Club Solemnization

    Hi all, I just requested for pics from my coordinator and in my opinion, the setting looks kinda plain.. And, the tablecloth for the buffet table is like totally OUT.... I am requesting them to add more decors and change the entire tablecloth. I don't know when were those pics taken so pls, if...
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    JP Mr Phang Tai Heng

    I called Mr Phang a few minutes ago and he agreed! Just faxed to him my form using my office fax machine, I told him to send his reply to my home address, I'm afraid he'll forget about it! Anyway i also have the same qn as Bboy, as mine is a buffet lunch, I wonder I should include headcount...
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    Raffles Town Club Solemnization

    Hi yisocalysta, Can you send me your pics as well? I will be having my ROM there in Dec. Just wanna see how the room will look like with the decors. Can you also recommend me what other dishes u chose? Thanks! my email is [email protected]
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    Raffles Town Club

    Hi all, I'm also having my ROM there. My coordinator is Bridget. I just went to view the private lounge yesterday, and it looks kinda small. But it's really cosy with sofas at the sides. I am considering the romance tea package and inviting about 35-40 guests.. I asked her about the decor...
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    JP - Chan Kai Yau

    Dear all, read many good reviews about Mr Chan! Though I do not know to what extend is his service different from the rest that makes him so popular... I am currently looking for a JP too. My ROM will be held in end Dec this year. Is it too early to call him? Since I can't do my e-filing...