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    (2014) 2014 Brides

    Oh I actually booked earlier than wedding show but my coordinator asked me to pay my deposit on wedding show to get the wedding show perks instead. I'm not too sure if they still offer now though.
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    (2014) 2014 Brides

    I've signed pan pacific too! ✌
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    (2014) 2014 Brides

    Hearing from my sister's experience, her advice is that there is only so much we can try to expect from the models' photo shoot because we are not models and we may not strike such good chemistry with the photographer in just 1 day as compared to the one doing it for work. So, have to leave some...
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    (2014/01) Jan 2014 BTB

    Am 19th jan 2014!
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    (2014) 2014 Brides

    Yeah, I really took a liking to their gowns. Liked z wedding the best but pricing is much higher and perks also not as fantastic as la belle. Rico service is quite good, was served by Sinny and she persuaded me to try on a gown for fitting.
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    (2014) 2014 Brides

    I shortlisted rico & la belle after some shop arounds but chose the latter in the end.
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    (2014) 2014 Brides

    Just booked with la belle @ tanjong pagar. How about you?
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    (2014) 2014 Brides

    Hi, I'm a Jan 2014 BTB, just managed to book my bridal package today, real excited!
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    Letting go crowne plaza package 26th Oct 2013

    Hi, Do you mind emailing me the details at [email protected]? Thanks!
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    **Conrad 21 Sept 2013 dinner banquet to release**

    Hi, Do you mind emailing me the details at [email protected]? Thanks!
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    WTS : fairmont / swissotel the stamford sunday dinner 2013

    Hi, Possible to email me the package details at [email protected]? Thanks!