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    Angpow rates FROM the wedding couple

    Ang baos for brothers and sisters depend on their duties, we gave more to those who had more duties eg doubling up as emcees. Vendors all standard rate $28, din want to give too much since we were already paying for their services. Solemniser we gave 128 or 148, can't remember. Read online that...
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    Wedding Dinner Live band

    I engaged Music Box (百年好盒) for my wedding on 10 Mar, u can contact them for a quote and to watch their videos to see which singer(s) u want.
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    March 2018 BTB

    I seriously considered this halfway through the planning cos i was going crazy having to decide all the details but did not since I was already half way through and could not justify spending extra money to hire someone when I could do it myself.
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    March 2018 BTB

    Starting to feel the excitement (and nerves) indeed! Thought I already started preparation quite early but still so many things to do!
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    2018 BTB

    Congrats! Just went for a wedding lunch at peony jade @ Clarke Quay last weekend and the food was really good! Would have gone for peony jade @ Clarke Quay too if we can meet the minimum tables, nice outdoor venue for solemnisation too
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    Wedding Cartoon Animation

    Hi I’m using pixel workz, can try contacting Daniel for a quote, should be within ur Budget. Some of the other companies I found through research include Frigg Animation (quite responsive but find that their style doesn’t suit me) and Fishtales (not sure how much they charge, supposed to get...
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    March 2018 BTB

    I’m using pixel workz too! Now at the pencil sketching stage
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    March 2018 BTB

    I think 3 mar and 10 mar are hot dates! We wanted 3 mar initially but the hotel was booked even though we enquires more than 1 year in advance
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    March 2018 BTB

    Sure, pm me ur friend's contact and I will ask him/her for more details like prices, timeline etc. Thanks! ☺️
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    March 2018 BTB

    Hi all, My wedding is on 10 March 2018, looking for cartoon wedding montage, anyone knows any good ones can recommend? Have found and contacted the following for their rates, generally >$1k for a 3-4 mins montage: Coffee and tea dreamzcoffee (no reply yet) Frigg animation Pixel workz studio...