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    My conflict with Mother In Law

    I don't have faith in men anymore. Seriously. And as for MIL - Monster-in-law - I think she can go and marry her son. As for FIL who labelled me as a person plagued with troubles, unbalanced in thinking and untrustworthy, I say go look at yourself in the mirror before you throw the first...
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    My conflict with Mother In Law

    I'm new to this forum and I'm in a sad and pathetic situation. Married almost 10 years. The marriage has its fair shares of ups and downs but still manageable. Until I found out a few years ago that husband surfed porn vicariously, even paid thousands over dollars to porn sites as membership...
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    Marriage Counseller/Psychiatrist/Professional

    hi clearwater sorry to hear about your impending divorce. however, im happy to hear that you and your husband have intention to go for marriage counseling. i do know a great marriage counselor. pls let me know if you're still interested.