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    Club Chinois

    by the way, has anyone held their wedding in the CC restaurant itself and have some pictures to share. Please e-mail to [email protected] Thanks a zillion
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    Club Chinois

    Hi bibigal, Thank you for the feedback! Actually I am stuck between Carlton and CC. Drawback of CC is that it can only hold 17 tables in the restaurant and it looks quite dark with separate private rooms. I sent my friend to take a look and she prefers Carlton leh.. in a dilemma. I can't...
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    Carlton Hotel

    Hi Hi! I am thinking of signing up with Carlton. Actually deciding between Club chinoise and Carlton. I have between 16 to 18 tables so with Carlton Max table of 16, will be just just. So food is good with Carlton? service is good? What perks from the bridal show are you ladies talking about...
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    Club Chinois

    Hi Hi! I am thinking of holding my AD at club chinoise too! In the restaurant though. Any one has pictures of the decoration of the place? Eric sent me a picture. It really looked errr.. Was thinking if anyone took some photos of their actual day held in the restaurant? What about the...
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    Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre

    Hi all! I have just got in touch with HIPV!I really like the package but have yet to sign up with them! Is there any reason why I should not???? Please share. Or why I should. I read earlier somewhere, service not good! but food seems to be excellent! Free LCD projector and free room for...
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    Grand Hyatt Singapore

    Hi all! Do you think that it is too late to do a booking now for Jan/Feb 2006? Are they packed? Kat
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    12-14 Tables where to go?

    Hi all! I am new to this forum. Also new to this whole wedding planning thingie. Just one question. Is it too late to make bookings now for wedding in Jan/Fen 2006? Any one has clues which hotels are still available? Please help!