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    Looking for AD bridal make-up and hair styling for bride and mum(s)/bridesmaid

    Hi All, My AD is on 17 Nov 2012. I am looking for make up and hair stylist including for mums and bridemaids. Please email me the rates and package at: [email protected] Thanks
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    An Chuang & Guo Da Li Items - where to buy?

    Hi All, Any recommendation what are the things to prepare for Guo Da Li and AD as until now my htb is still clueless about? It is possible to skip certain things? He is teochew and I am cantonese. ALso is it possible to skip the An Chuan even though our date is specially selected? Thanks
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    Actual Day Schedule

    Hi All, Does anyone have any idea on AD schedule as I am planning not to go to my new house and An Chuan. Is it ok? As the date is purposely selected. Thanks
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    Actual Day Package Only

    Hi All, I am looking for AD package. PLease email me at [email protected] Thanks
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    (2012/11) NOV 2012 BTB

    Hi Everyone, My AD is on 17 Nov 2012 I already found my wedding venue and bridal shooting is done too. Im looking for photographer, videographer and make up artist, any recommendation? Also to ask what else do i need to prepare till my wedding day? Do add me in the fb group...