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    Catholic Brides

    hi guys..anybody had their wedding done two parts? Civil ROM first then church blessings a few months later?
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    Mandarin Oriental Singapore

    pixey u can try to book during their wedding show..
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    Mandarin Oriental Singapore

    pixey i must admit.. i was too quick to judge. i attended a wedding there recently and i must say service and food is really good. somehow when you sit down as a guest the feeling is different from when you view it from afar. oriental has indeed been very thoughtful about all their...
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    Amara Sanctuary

    hi.. do u all have any recommendation for wedding coordinator for amara santuary
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    Four Seasons Hotel u know what is their house wine charge now? anybody had martini bar? what mixers do they provide u and how many bottles of vodlka
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    Mandarin Oriental Singapore

    oriental can have long march in if u put the stage at the end.. i love oriental. service is fantastic. reviews abt food is good so far. u mean 2011 menu for oriental is 1138++? no price increase?
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    Make-up artist - Kenneth Lee

    hi how much is kenneth charging..can someone email me [email protected]
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    Meet at church no gate crash. help needed

    actaully can do a casual shoot ie wear casual clothes for pre.. interesting MIL u have insist u go to church ur own although groom is already at ur place
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    Meet at church no gate crash. help needed

    if ur really short of time then u got to convince ur MIL.. for partner's side u serving tea to immediate relatives (mil and fil siblings) or also to Mil and fil cousins grand aunt etc
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    Meet at church no gate crash. help needed

    maoushroom..haha my dad hates all these traditions and superstitions! not sure abt in laws though........ i am happier if dont go groom house coz our love nest not ready also.. so dont intend to renovate groom house and be under public scrutiny
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    Meet at church no gate crash. help needed

    maoushroom..since u intend to have tea ceremony not at respective houses. is it ok? is it a tradition to step into your love nest/grooms house on ad? like for more blessings etc
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    Meet at church no gate crash. help needed

    maoushroom agreed......... go to houses so troublesome!! somemore no meaning to rush place to place and cannot spend time with pple who come to ur wedding. my fren rushed off after church to groom and her house for tea. pple who came to her church dint even get to talk to her!
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    Meet at church no gate crash. help needed

    ellen.. ur program sounds good.. u planning to wear kua or cheongsum for tea ceremony? dont know if will look hot and sticky and disgusting when walking down the aisle coz of earlier tea ceremony!
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    Necessary to go to grooms house (our house) on AD?

    i read somewhere that bride serve tea first before leaving..coz it is the last tea they serve as a 'single', to thank their parents for raising them up. (i am also going to call other relatives ) bride's tea ceremony after the solemnisation for me will prob be another day since it is 3 days...
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    Meet at church no gate crash. help needed

    ellen.. where will ur lunch be held? isit for both sides? thought usually its tea after church ceremony maoushroom : tts my headache! i was thinking of wearing kua for tea ceremony then can MUA to come again and wear the veil touch up for me.. if have tea cermony in hotel i'm not sure if they...
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    Meet at church no gate crash. help needed

    maoushroom my service quite late,if do tea ceremony after mass no time.. how to do tea cermeony in hotel? call them come earlier? then must do 2 sides together?
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    Auspicious Wedding Dates

    actually i have reconsulted him. GC his rationale for not using day of parents is bcoz thye r not so impt so no need so detailed. so i be following his advice!
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    Art House Wedding, any advice?

    after all the ballroom search, i have decided to hold my wedding solemnisation and dinner here. it is unique and special..... any comments from anyone?
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    Shangri-la Hotel

    heard shang always have blackout? isit true? did anyone have blackout during their wedding?
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    Mandarin Oriental Singapore

    tks koala prince for the clarification in menu. if thats the case then oriental is indeed value for money.