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    For money?

    Oh dear, what kind of job needs hugging other than lounge hostess, social escorts and prostitutes? First time I heard of an office job that needs hugging!
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    His intention?

    See a marriage counsellor. Looks like communication is breaking down for both of you.
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    Brother passed away 1 month after ROM

    Debbie, my condolences to you over the lost of your brother. As your brother did not leave a will, it will be tough to fight over his assets with his wife. Maybe a lawyer can help? For your own emotional health and that of your parents' as well, it might be better to just let go and move...
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    Before Marriage fear

    Babygirl, You said, "Everything is good except the flaw about being a flirt". Isn't this a BIG issue if you are thinking of marriage? Do you mean to say you don''t mind having a husband who is a flirt? Come on, wake up, baby! And if you think he will change after marriage, I can bet my...
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    Pls Advise! My mum is having an affair!

    I think you should not meddle in your parents' marital affairs. How to sue the guy? You mean your mum has no part in this? But to lie to your dad that everything is per normal when it is not is a bit tricky. He will surely find out soon.
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    Positives of marriage?

    This year will be our 20th wedding anniversary. I am a better person because of my spouse (and I hope he thinks the same way too). He helps me keep a check on my own flaws and acts as my sounding board when I need one. I think I will sink into deep depression if my spouse should die before me...
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    Anxiety Disorder

    I had anxiety attacks 2 years ago but this was due to surgically induced menopause where all my reproductive organs were taken out. I had the following : i. excessive salivation. I had to carry a bag with me wherever I went. It was so embarrassing in MRT as I had to spit into the bag...
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    3 Most Common Reasons Couples Fight?

    Redsky, nobody is asking you to be pretentious, the key point here is not to bear grudges. I don't know what issue/quarrel you have with your in-law but whatever it is, to keep this in your heart and not to ever visit them or allow your child to see them is not going to do anybody any good...
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    3 Most Common Reasons Couples Fight?

    Denise, there's one more to the list: sex.
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    3 Most Common Reasons Couples Fight?

    Redsky, I said, 'Live and let live'. Don't bear grudges. It worsens your health (physically and mentally) and set a bad example to your child. It takes a lot of courage to be the forgiving one. I used to have conflicts with MIL for close to 2 decades because we lived together. But I had...
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    Lost... Husband is having an affair

    May, just move on with your life. I can't imagine the crap excuses he gives; boring marriage life, wants his freedom etc. After the honeymoon period with the other woman is over, see if he still finds life with her exciting. And if he wants freedom, why get married? He should just remain...
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    Advice needed~

    I'm not sure what you mean by your husband complaining that it's troublesome. If this happens to him, wouldn't he be concerned? And wouldn't he want to go to the root of the problem and solve it once and for all? There should be open communication between spouses.
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    Bad Sex...Should I leave?

    Try and find out the root of the problems. Lack of physical intimacy can be due to many factors. If there's a need, seek a marriage counsellor.
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    Anxiety Disorder

    In addition to seeing a psychiatrist, you should also see a psychologist. Both should work hand in hand. Psychiatrists dispense medicine while psychologists help you work through your problems without medication.
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    Kids and Marriage

    Your current daily schedule can be adapted once you decide to have children. You do not have to cook every day and it is not a must to wash clothes every day either. There's also the option of engaging a part-time cleaner. Who knows what will happen when we grow old? Our children may...
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    Kids and Marriage

    We do not have kids but not by choice. We are already in our mid 40s now. Yes, there is a certain emptiness without children and hubby gets sad whenever he sees families with children bonding together. We change as we grow older and our priorities also change. You may not want kids now but...
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    Trust him? Am I paranoid?

    Any unhappiness in a marriage is best discussed with your spouse. Perhaps pick a time when he's in a relaxed mood and discuss this issue with him. Any issues, no matter how small, have to be brought up between spouses before they fester into cancerous growths. There is no right and wrong...
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    Un-filial DIL

    I'm going to be very frank and say this: Let's not kid ourselves and think everyone can show the same affection to their in-laws like their own parents because the bonding is not there. However, we can treat our in-laws with decency, even if we are not particularly fond of them. To the...
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    My MIL seems to hate me

    Esme, your thread title is very misleading! However, reading your post, your MIL seems to be rather domineering/controlling. If it is just about the wedding traditions, who-follow-the-groom and jie mei stuff, just give in to her. After all, the wedding is only for a day but the marriage is...
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    Can someone help me get outta this shadow?

    Yes, I think you should seek professional help. Make an appointment soon with a counsellor.