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    Argh!! Lizards!

    hi luilui and the rest, place medicated oil around ur window area..just drip some on the wall outside the window grilles.helps..i don't drip in the hse of cos. rgds
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    Argh!! Lizards!

    hi winnie, my corridor outside also has a lamp but no lizrds cos the corridor is also my mum's problem .she will spray baygon at the light and also the neighbors' when they are not at home..
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    Argh!! Lizards!

    hi everyone, donno if this thread still active..anyway when i read this thread, i laughed and yet goose pimples appeared..i HATE LIZARDS AND SCARED ALSO!!! i used to sleep with all the windows closed didn't on a/c too..but my mum (every nite) now uses axe medicated oil to sprinkle some on the...
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    Good Bridal Shop in JB?

    hi jenn, can you share your photos and package to me too? my email at [email protected] now at a loss, wedding in feb 07 and wondering between singapore precious moments or jb bridal shops.. anyway me staying in woodlands very near to custom..just walk can reach... thks in advance jenn!
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    (2007) Brides of year 2007

    Hi gals and BTB 2007, congrats to everyone.the response here is overwhelming!! Care to add me: Nick : Sha_wen Bride's Dialect : Indian-chinese Groom's dialet: Hokkien AD in 2007 : Jan-Feb 2007 AD venue : Church & dinner TBC Date of ROM: same day as AD BS : TBC PS Photo ...