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    Send help please

    I agree with Sillywomen that he might have someone else already. What you had described is similar to my ex bf. after we broke up, he still suggest to meet me before my exam papers. He even offered to help me download stuff back then. Back then, it gave me hopes and I started engaging him more...
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    How to lose weight effectively the natural way?

    What juice should we talk for one day cleanse. Anywhere that sells this.
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    Fortune teller recommendation - for calculating good wedding dates?

    I used Lifang. Don’t have to worry about her getting English birth dates. Some may not know their lunar equivalent, hence she will convert it for you. I like her idea for the tradition. It’s fairly simple.
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    Fengshui Master

    I received some recommendations from friends for fengshui masters. Most don't reply to me. Is this due to some conflict they calculated beforehand? I have not given any bazi yet. This MIA incidents happened many times, even when I want to see a fortune master. Either they don't respond or they...
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    Ang pows for bestman/sisters/helpers & gatecrash

    Hi everyone! I’m calculating how much I should buffer for the above. Is there a market rate?
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    Holding 2 wedding banquets?

    Is there any reason why it cannot be combined? If it’s due to the table size, perhaps can find a bigger ballroom?
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    October 2018 Brides~

    Can, but this means you'll need to buffer additional time.
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    Fengshui for the house

    Do you see fengshui for your house before you start renovation? What if the house is very bad? Can this be resolved with colors and not hanging geomacy items? What is the estimated cost to engage a fengshui master? Can they based on my floor plan to advice me? My HTB is not keen but I'm...
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    Any plus size brides? :)

    I'm a plus size too, in fact, getting fatter each day. And there's a limit in the things I do cause I've injured my back a few months back and I dread as the date of my pws is approaching
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    Simple ROM

    1. ROM = Solemnization = legally married 2. You'll need a solemnizer to be present as he or she is the one that'll officially sign your certificate. No sign = not married. 3. Don't need.
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    December 2018 BTB

    Hi melisselling, are you open to restaurant or it must be a hotel?
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    Hotel coordinator unwilling to meet on weekends and weekdays after 6pm

    Didn't check if my coordinator can meet on weekends as we contacted her on her schedule, and went over on a weekday after work. However, she's very responsive on the exchange of texts msg which I'm very thankful for
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    Perming/rebonding hair before PWS

    Ah yes, Color and highlights are fine
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    Perming/rebonding hair before PWS

    I recon it's best not to do anything chemical-related to your hair, so that it's more manageable while styling
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    2018 BTB

    We have fixed the wedding date, but wanna check the guo da Li dates. Is there any fengshui master or temple that I can just ask on the above?
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    Betrothal gifts

    Noted! Thanks eang18 for the helpful information!
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    Betrothal gifts

    Thanks eang18 for sharing. The "wash diaper money" is from whom to who?
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    Is Friday wedding dinner all right?

    You just need to factor additional time as your guests may reach late due to work commitments
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    WTS: Rico-A-Mona Bridal package

    Hi, I'm keen. Can you please send me the details to [email protected] Thanks!