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    A Decision to Give Up Hubby or My BF

    wow well said by Doll
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    My boyfriend does not shave everyday. Help!

    men with facial hair can be attractive but depends on how they trim it as well. just like men with long hair, some are neat and well combed while some are like they just came out of a set from flintstones.
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    Affected - Guys opinions very much welcomed

    its hard for a girl to accept that her bf has visited paid sex, however it is equally hard for a bf to forget that green hat
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    How would you deal with bitchy male boss?

    feel sorry for your boss for behaving this way. no man can be rich enough to buy back a ruined reputation
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    Ang Pao Rate

    you can try referring to this newspaper clip
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    Any single lady wants to date my brother?

    hi click, i really admire the length you are going to in order to help your brother search for his happiness. Every brother would love to have a sister like you
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    Any good Thai food restaurant to recommend?

    hi all. recently been to a new thai restaurant near beside Old Town White Coffee at upper bukit timah (opposite beautyworld). prices are restaurant standards and the food are not bad. Interesting and new place worth a try
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    All time favourite movies

    Away from her "a beautifully moving love story that deals with memory and its circuitous, enigmatic paths over the course of a long marriage" seen it being aired on Okto channel. Something worth watching
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    Advice on where to send my bags for cleaning

    hi, you can try le shine at far east plaza. recommended by sales assistant at ferragamo that they provide shoes and bags cleaning services.
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    A pair of working shoes that make men look taller

    just a suggestion. why not ask your hubby to get a pair of shoes 1/2 or 1 size bigger than his size and then slot in 2 insoles?