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    Substance Films

    Hi, Recently we had won $500 VG voucher from Substance Films however, we had engaged a VG on our actual day therefore we are letting go. Anyone interested pls email me at [email protected]
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    Locations for location pre wedding shoot

    Hi All, We am interested to take our pre wedding photos at Raffles Marina but is that true that we have to pay entrance fee of $100 to $180 (depend how long we wanna use?
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    My Dream Wedding

    hi meiling, thanks for your replied. I am still thinking if i want to sign MDW and what perks i can ask for. Do you mind to share ur pacakge?
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    My Dream Wedding

    Hi Would like to ask is it possible to nego all pictures to return in soft copy? Eg: took 110pcs and choose 30pc in album and the rest can return in soft copy?
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    My Dream Wedding

    Congrats Meiling! Mind sharing who is ur make up artist and co-ordinator?
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    Want to buy: 2012 banquet packages

    Hi All, I am looking for wedding dinner banquet for Q4 2012, for +/- 20 tables. Please email me at [email protected] if you have any packages to offer.