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    Before you commit to a marriage

    Thanks for sharing .. very useful and relevant questions we should ask ourselves before we make the final plunge into getting married
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    Anyone else learning driving?

    pink_cloud jiayou .. don't take it too hard some testers just don't believe in passing people on first attempt .. I got my license on the 3rd attempt
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    Blowing hot and cold

    I feel that relationship can be illustrated like a line chart on a graph similar to the stock market .. sometimes you will have ups and sometimes you will have downs. Usually during the start of the relationship everything seems to be constantly going up like a steep vertical slope but then...
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    Will a serial cheater change

    I believe that change is possible .. everyone makes mistakes in the life and I am quite positive that he will be likely to change if he meets the right person in life who he would want to spend the rest of his life with .. then he might change because the thought of him hurting or losing her...
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    Midlife crisis - does it exist

    Personally I feel that he seeing someone else is wrong but one thing I had learned from love is that not always love flows in the direction we wish it did. Sometimes in a relationship .. true love may be loving someone .. even if it is from a distance. It happened to me once before but...