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    Locations for location pre wedding shoot

    i went to punggol waterways for my night shot. my photog did a great job, haha cos from the photos, you cannot recognize the background/location. making it really special!
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    How many fittings do u go for before finalizing your wedding gown?

    i went for 3. just had to have it perfect.
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    Best Wedding Partners to have your Photo Shoot

    there seems to be no reply.....
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    All brides!! Survey on OTR or MTM??~

    yup. other brides can also wear. but i think each woman is on their prettiest for their wedding day, so each will have their own flavour with their chosen dress. Don't have to care what others will wear hahaha. So in the end I managed to pick out all my gowns from the OTR range. I did pick the...
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    Advise needed on where to get Cheap and Presentable Bridesmaid / Flower girl Dress

    i got my dresses in bangkok, platinum. bought 6 dresses in two patterns. I actually got my sisters to give me their measurements before leaving sg. most importantly, it's the length. I bought 2 patterns in the same color due to the length of the dress. some of my sisters are taller than...
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    Indoor Photography

    indoor where? like a studio?
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    Do you choose your own proposal ring or bf choose for u?

    fiance picked it out alone. we did pick our wedding bands together after. i'm sentimental. don't think i wanna trade it either.
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    DIY wedding car decoration?

    that looked like a good place to go to!
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    Artificial flowers for photoshoot?

    i see! i nv asked and they nv ask me if i wanted. perhaps because i didn't take up the photography package with them. so sad. haha
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    Anyone wear stockings during PS?

    if you are wearing sandal like shoes then the toes will show eh.
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    Anyone took photos at Art Museum ?

    i went to dempsey. old houses.
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    "JUST MARRIED" wordings!

    smilem, r these for the car?
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    About Venue printed on Marriage Cert

    i think the jp's name is included as well.
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    Carousel Merry Go Round

    any one has suggestions for one in the day?
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    TNP Story on Sunday : Would you pay this guy $8,000 to take your wedding pictures?

    i agree with rachel. the thing is, if everything was cheap, who would still want to be a ............? (fill in the blanks with any job) when a top management hires, do they look at the cheapest wanted salary? if you want cheap, then most likely budding photographers. they can be good...
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    Advice on ANG POW BOX

    does the boxes at kalms come with the slit on top for ang paos?
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    Accessories, veils & gloves, etc

    how much are we expected to pay for quality hair accesories? any place with rentals? this might help.
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    Beach Wear Theme for Solemnization held @ Swimming Pool this is for beach theme! match with sandals.