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    WTS : Food Catering (MannaPot)

    Hello Adelson, do let me know if you’re interested! We can discuss further via PM or whatsapp!
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    WTS : Food Catering (MannaPot)

    Hello, I am looking to let go a food catering by MannaPot. I have some credits with them and I don’t think I will be able to spend it in due time. You are able to choose any of their services from Manna Pot / Divine Artisan / Flora Artisan for any occasion (Weddings/Mini...
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    WTS BlueBay Wedding AD Package

    Hello, I am looking to let go a Actual Day Photo & Video Shoot due to unforeseen circumstances. Package includes: 1x Bridal Gown (All Range) 1x Men’s Suit 1x Bridal Makeup Bridal Hand Bouquet 6x Flower Corsages Bridal Car Decorations 9 Hours Videography 9 Hours Photography - Unlimited Shots -...