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    (2009) Brides of year 2009

    Hi everyone, I am an Oct 09 BTB too! ROM Date/Venue: 9 May 07, Noble House AD Date/Venue: 10 Oct 09, Marriott Singapore (Lunch banquet) AD PG: Revival Production, Tsen Ho; no VG Wedding Bands: Lee Hwa Destinee BS: Bliss Bridal Love Nest: Hougang resale
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    Anyone using organic facial products? this is what I am using currently.
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    Clarins Products

    yeah, i am interested to hear abt the intensive clear mask and clear softening peel from clarins. is it effective for acne scars, and does it cause breakouts? thanks!
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    Clarins Products

    hi, if i go to the tangs branch and i have the tangs card, does this mean I will get rebate if i sign up for the facial package there?
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    10 tables. Where to hold small wedding dinner?

    marriott legacy suite
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    Amara Singapore

    the carpet design includes the words 'This is a ballroom' repeating itself. Which I find very cheesy so I removed it from my shortlist. I signed with Marriott instead. Happy cos my coord is a pleasant and flexible lady.
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    Amara Singapore

    anyone realised that the ballroom carpet design is 'this is a ballroom' repeating over the over again? i immediately removed this hotel from my shortlist.
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    Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

    anyone going to the wedding show on sat? i wanna go for it but seems like there arent perks for lunch so not going anymore. im going to sign with marriott for my wedding lunch next yr! really happy! casmin is really service-oriented! thumb-ups!
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    Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

    Thanks Annabella, how many tables did you've? Happycake, how many tables are you having? Lunch/dinner? Woah how come so gd can go for food tasting before you sign the package? u must have a big banquet!
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    Village Hotel Changi

    went there during their wedding show, didnt like it esp bcos of the location, facade looks old (i told my husband they shouldnt use white tiles which will show up dirt and algae), mediocre food (the chinese high tea was bad but western items were pretty gd) and priciness considering the location...
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    Hilton Hotel

    Hi, anyone has Hilton wkend wedding Chinese sit-down luncheon package for 09? Kindly email me [email protected]! The sales team seems to be hard to get hold of. Thanks!
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    Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

    Hi Annabella, many thanks for your reply. Was urs a luch or dinner? How much did they charge u for the food tasting? U see, I need an extra night's stay cos my husband is gonna 'collect' me straight from the hotel.. everything is done at the hotel to minimize hassle.. what time did u chk in...
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    Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

    Hi, anyone managed to get complimentary food-tasting for lunch banquet? Or an extra night's stay in the Jr Suite? Is the Jr Suite big/nice? Someone posted before that was disappointing? Any comments?
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    All about rebonding

    Actpoint at Beach Rd. I went once for rebonding (Anson) and once for cut (Jess). No complaints. gd service and consultation. Knows what i meant what i explain, and wont be over-adventurous since I dont like too layered styles. I am going to send my husband there for his haircut before our PS and...