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    LASIK, where?

    Hi veracity 1) i did mine yesterday! with Dr Lee hung Ming, parkway eye centre 2)it was slightly under 4K, all in all. i opted for standard bladeless technology 3) recovery was fast. i walked out of the op room with hazy vision and it gets better by the hour. now i'm able to watch TV and...
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    Lasik - Please share experience

    not sure if anyone is keen on this thread. i just did my lasik yesterday with Dr Lee Hung Ming. opted for the bladeless technology. so far so good. vision is a little hazy but it gets better by the hour. certainly, no pain or giddyness.
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    Looking for friends in Sengkang / Punggol

    halo! im staying at [email protected] I'm keen to go swimming together. i used to stay in the West, seems like there is no place convenient for a swim at Buangkok. sigh sigh
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    dear all i have a plumber who quoted me $200 to install the following: 01 tank heater 01 sink in/outlet 02 spray gun in master toilet and common toilet. is $200 a reasonable sum?
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    Dear all I'm hacking my bedroom to enlarge my living room. and I need to retile the bedroom with homogenous tiles so that the floor appears uniform with our living room. However the supplier does not have enough stocks at the moment. We will like to buy the homogenous tiles from homeowners...
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    Contractors for Renovation (Non-ID) Wanted

    hallo stars can u send me a list of your sub contractors? thank you!! it is a feat to do up the house on your own! [email protected]
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    Change the colours of wall & floor tiles

    Hi i wonder if it is expensive to stain the tiles. mine is parquet flooring.
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    Singapore Art Musuem

    hallo Poohgy! I only had a high tea reception at the Courtyard, so no layout weather was great that day so everyone was walking about eating and chatting
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    Regent Singapore

    hallo silentelf I did not take any VG, I got Terence Heng from Hurricadia for PG. which PG are you considering? hallo MBD I'm not sure what are the price, cuz mine was not the conventional package.
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    Singapore Art Musuem

    hallo froggie, sorry I only read about international plaza on one of the wedding mag. One of the brides had it there. but I;m not sure what are the contact. you want to try yellow pages? I think it sounds very exciting too! at night, the view of the city is beautiful!
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    Yvonne Creative

    hallo mehmeh ve already sent you the link. ya thinking of going into wedding planning? still two years more to go before any decision? I'm thinking of going into dress business haha, we can talk again after next year.
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    Regent Singapore

    Hallo Jane, that is a cute pic! blessed Christmas to everyone too! hallo silentelf, you chosen BS and photographer/videographer yet?
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    Yvonne Creative

    Mehmeh! just realised you dun accept PM! why ar? what is your email address? Angelight? you want to see the real album or online version?
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    Yvonne Creative

    hallo mehmeh! well I chose my just came to me lor. wahhahaha. Yep hurricadia is good! I like terence's style. Fell in love with his photos the moment I saw his portfolio. actually I changed my wedding date for him! cuz he couldn't fly back from UK in time, but i was...
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    Singapore Art Musuem

    oh dear, what were the dates you are looking at, Ericia? have you considered Asian civilisation museum? or how about a rooftop wedding at the highest floor of International Plaza? many great venues around! *hug*
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    Yvonne Creative

    hallo mehmeh, I engaged Hurricadia to do my AD photography. will be getting back my photos today or tom. My colleague also takes the photos for her interest. photography is her hobby hallo angelight, photography is chao impt to me, so I wouldn't want to settle anything less. so think it...
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    Yvonne Creative

    hallo mehmeh! I just came back from honeymoon today too! looks like you have a great job in this forum haha, popping in here to answer queries the moment ya back! Honeymoon was great! decided to give Europe a miss and opted for something closer home- Bali and Bangkok. went to two places for...
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    Make-up artist - Kenneth Lee

    hallo gals! looks like there are lotsa fans for kenneth! my wedding is just over and Kenneth did a wonderful job for me. I'm fussy about makeup but he was patient and understood what I wanted. a great guy!
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    Regent Singapore

    hallo silentelf! when is your wedding? Hi absolutwild, have you seen the function rooms yet? I have considered these function rooms before for my wedding. I find these rooms very warm and cosy!
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    Yvonne Creative

    hallo mehmeh and angelight! hehe, heard that you two are chatting here, thought I pop by to say hi! guess who I am! just had my wedding on dec 10! Must say that Yvonne creative girls are very nice people! this thread is very cosy!