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    Any Good Air Con servicer to recommend?

    Hi, Can try Davis @ 9145 0308. My family used him and find that the service good. May let him know that it's recommended by Mr Lim from Yishun. Normal Cleaning $10, Gas topping $10, Chemical Treatment $50.
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    Any dentist to recommend for braces - good and at reason price

    Hi, Just put on my braces today! come here to gather inform on 'how to keep your braces clean'... I went to the one at Adelphi (opp Funan)- A Line Dental. Dr Tan the orthodontist is really specialising in this area... He is fast in his act; my teeth extraction earlier was of not much pain...
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    Hi Yenny, For the Floating market, it's at least a half day tour. It is in the outskirt of BKK. I joined the 1/2 day tour when in BKK. Tour starts around 7am. A coach will fetch you from hotel to the operating centre to the 'river'. The floating market is a rather small stretch of a...
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    What do you gals think of Wedding Luncheon on a Sunday ?

    Hi Pris, Agreed that it's not easy to change the parents' mindset. Maybe can try talking your younger aunties/uncles first. Buy them in and let them talk your parents into it... easier that way. Cheers!
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    Any dentist to recommend for braces - good and at reason price

    Hihi, When I last seen a dentist, he candidly commented that I make a good candidate for braces. My overcrowding problem is becoming more serious as the wisdom tooth comes out... Am looking for orthodontist in Yishun area now... Anyone has recommendation??
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    Any Good Driving Instructor - For refreshing course

    Yup taurus! that's a special rate for Spore brides students... Albert is not fierce, will not scold but knows how to 'suan' you!! Eg when i try to start off in 2nd gear, he would say "huh, how you drive off in this gear??" Me also very slow learner, so need not worry ;) Only got my license in...
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    Any Good Driving Instructor - For refreshing course

    Hi, I got my instructor thru recommendation from here actually (from earlier postings)... and must say that it's a right choice! Instructor is Albert, no. 9669 5522; teaches in Comfort driving centre. Rate: $22/hr (for SB customers) Usually 1.5hr per lesson=> that makes $33/lesson. His...
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    12-14 Tables where to go?

    Try Calton. It has a function room beside a garden (on level 4th). Can have reception at the garden b4 proceeding to the function room for banquet. good photo taking area... The room caters up to 16 table max. Should be jus nice if you have around 14 tables.
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    What do you gals think of Wedding Luncheon on a Sunday ?

    hi Ju, we didn't pack that (back to mum's place) into the morning schedule cos me and in-laws stays quite apart, wanna allow more time for travelling, and also to cater for jus-in-case matters... Did go back after the lunch though, jus to show face back in my place then went back to hotel...
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    What do you gals think of Wedding Luncheon on a Sunday ?

    Hi there, I had my wedding lunch last Dec and tot it was a comfortable event. Great timing i tot... Here's my AD schedule to share... 7:00am wake up 7:30am have breakfast + make up 9:00am here commes the groom!! 9:30am Out of my house 10:00am Reach his house for tea ceremony 10:30am...
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    "Guo Da Li (过大礼)" ??

    Hi kk, Me a hainanese while FH a hokkien too! Both families know nuts about the custom & yet mum insisted that GDL must be followed... *headache* Cannot any-oh-how send off her daughter wat!!! Can send me your list too!? [email protected] I think it would be a great help! Thks!