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    JP - Yeo Woon Soo

    can i have Mr Yeo's contact? need a JP urgently for my rom this dec... [email protected]
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    JP - Chan Kai Yau

    Hi can share Mr Chan's contact to me? [email protected] Thanks, Elaine Fu
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    JP Mr Eric Wong

    I need a JP in dec as well, please share Eric Wong's contact and email details to me too.. Thanks
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    JP Mr Phang Tai Heng

    Hi hi, please send me Mr Phang's contact and email details too.. Thanks
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    JP Mr Phang Tai Heng

    Hi there, can i have Mr Phang's contacts and email details as well? thanks..
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    Need Bouquet

    Hi there, please share the florist contact with me too... [email protected] Thanks.
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    (2011/12) Dec 2011 BTB

    hi babes.. My ROM will be on 24th Dec this year... Any JP to recommend? And i have trouble in thinking of a theme for deco too... sighz... need advice...
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    (2011) ROM in 2011

    hi ladies.. i am looking for short rom dresses for my solemization tis Xmas eve... any advice? [email protected]
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    Good JP to recommend?

    hi Rainz, can give me Dr Kwoh email add? Im looking for a solemizer tis dec...thanks. [email protected]
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    Letting go of ROM Package + Photoshots @ $700-$800

    Hi is this still available? I am interested in this.. Let me know. Thanks
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    (2011/12) Dec 2011 BTB

    Hi Ladies, i will be having my solemization on 24th Dec at Forlino this year.. still no ideas how to headstart the deco, photography, gowns, etc... And also JP selection... I need help...
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    Recommended Solemnizer

    hi anyone can send me Dr Phua contact and photo? [email protected]
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    The White Rabbit @ Dempsey

    i did not get their reply as well.. end up i got forlino..
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    Wedding on Holidays such as 25 Dec, 31 Dec

    i will be doing so this year. Got a venue, now is only oweing JP and decors...
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    $100 for Registrar to officiate solemnization outdoors??

    Hi Ladies, Any JP recommendation? My ROM date will be on Chrismas eve this year, i am worried that this festive period i am unable to get a JP Please help. [email protected]
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    JP - Dr Phua Tan Tee

    Hi Otatukin, can share contacts for Dr Tan to me? I am looking for a humorous JP.. [email protected]
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    Any JP recomand?

    Hi ladies, Dr phua seems to be "wanted" for solemnization.. Any pics or review about him? I am looking for a JP for my ROM this Dec...
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    Amara Sanctary solemnisation and wedding

    I am also interested to sign up with them.. meeting up with them next week.. You have anything to share as in their package included what?