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    Letting go of The Aisle Bridal Package

    How poses can we choose?
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    Letting go of The Aisle Bridal Package

    Is this the actual price when you purchase the package?
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    Do we need to give pre wedding photographer angbao?

    Hi Hi, Would like to know whether do we need to give pre wedding photographer ang bao? If so, how much should we give? Thank you!
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    Dresses for Mother in law and Mother

    Hi, have you found a custom made tailor to make dresses?
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    Need suggestions on wedding emcee

    Hi sheltieslove, may I know which live band you have engaged?
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    Nov 2017 brides

    Hi joan, I'm a 12 nov bride. May I know what have you settled?
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    Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant

    Hi gal198, may I know how do you manage the layout?
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    Park Royal at Kitchener Rd

    Hi, I have recently booked a wedding lunch banquet at park royal on kitchener road. Anyone has held their wedding there recently?
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    Wedding Plans

    Thanks tulipkiss! What if the guests rejected the invites and we have number of tables fall below the min of tables that the hotel provided. Can it still go on?
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    Wedding Plans

    Hi, I'm planning a wedding but I have not decide on the AD wedding date and my HTB and I plan to have a wedding lunch in a hotel. I'm lost and don't know how should I start planning, I need from you. =) 1. Do we look for bridal boutiques or wedding photography first? 2. Do we decide on the...
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    Hotel - Min 10 and less than 20 tables

    Hi, Does anyone has recommendation on a hotel that offers for min 10 and less than 20 tables? We are on budget and consider to have not so expensive wedding lunch. Thank you. =)
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    Bridesmaid (band of sisters) attire

    Sorry.. I know I'm out of topic. But do we need to prepare the clothes for Brothers too?