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    hi bearypink, i'm also thinking of joining f&e tour. where do you get your tour from?
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    Europe trip: First timer need advice

    hi raymond & blue, i'm thinking of going backpacking by train. it'll be my first time to europe with budget of 3-4K inclusive of airfare. i'm considering to go to london, paris n switzerland for 2 weeks. i'm thinking of going to amsterdam too but don't know how to go about planning it...
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    Europe trip: First timer need advice

    hi raymond, i want to go europe on f&e next year. wonder if it's necessary to use backpack or we can use the wheel bag instead? hope to hear from u soon.
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    Shangri-La's Rasa Sentosa Resort & Spa

    hi everyone, i just went for solemnisation at Rasa Sentosa last month. The sun is very glaring around 5:30pm. Pls check when is the best time to catch the sunset.
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    hi shannon, please send me a copy at [email protected] thanks a lot
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    Defer ROM Cert

    hi mayelene, for us we just call the HDB branch office. then they asked us to fax to them. after that they did called us to let us know they got it. it's simple.
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    Singapore Art Musuem

    hi su an! I wonder if u can show us the pics of SAM? Helping a friend to source out venue. My email is [email protected] Thanks
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    Any good SEAMSTRESS to recommend ?

    Dear Marilyn, I wonder can I take a look too? My email is [email protected]
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    Goodwood Park Hotel

    Dear Weoseek, I had email you. Please check your mail. )
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    Goodwood Park Hotel

    Dear Weoseek, You are meeting up with the florist? To discuss how u want the floral decor to be like? Please advice me. I had went to the ballroom to see the red theme and also cream/purple theme. I think i like the cream/purple one.
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    Where to source for good printer

    sorry emmeline, i read your previous postings. thanks for your sharing
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    Where to source for good printer

    hi emmeline, that's very cheap for your church wedding invites. Do you do the artwork yourself? It's full colour printing for all sides? What's your volume like?
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    New Zealand

    hi maylim, as far as i know, there is no route that will take you from from fox glacier to mt cook. Another thing, to go to milford from queenstown you will pass by te anau. te anau is neaerer and the scenic drive would be from te anau to milford where u got the homer tunnel. you can still...
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    New Zealand

    hi maylim, although i had not been to NZ before, I feel your schedule is a bit thight unless you don't mind to spend lots of time travelling between places. Another thing is that after you go to milford sound, you can just go to te anau straight without going back to queenstown. So this will...
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    New Zealand

    hi Piper, you can fly through Qantas. There are flights that transit at Sydney or Melbourne before proceeding to New Zealand. Hope it helps
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    New Zealand

    stussy, when r u going? it's always good to book earlier. cause for Air NZ, only certain seats r on lower price. After all these r booked, they will increase the price already. Normally you dun have to pay so early.
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    Any March In Songs 2 Recommend???

    hi maya, please share with me too. My email is [email protected]
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    New Zealand

    hi SSF, no wonder i feel your price that you pay for the motel accommodation is very cheap...guess it's near winter season. yah, Dec is peak. I better book my accommodation at least few days ahead. I'm actually considering staying in YHA most of the days. Any comments?
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    New Zealand

    hi zenn, i think kite is only going next January. Have you all got your tickets? For me, i think i'll just stop over during the day time for Lake Tekapo. Think want to try to stay overnite at Mt Cook instead
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    Guest List Format

    hi butter & onee, can please share with me too? thanks my email is [email protected]