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    Purple Evening Gown to let go - $70

    Only wore once to attend a relative's wedding. I am 158cm, 49kg, M size. Waist fit for 69-73cm Pls feel free to check with me if you have any enquiry. [email protected]
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    White evening dress to sell (brand new) - $70

    White evening dress to sell (brand new) - $70 (incl. postage) bust: 85cm (measure with bra) waist: 69cm My Height: 158cm Weight: 49kg M size Reason: Bought another new dress due to change of wedding color theme. Kindly drop me an email - [email protected] for any inquiry. Thanks.
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    Hotels in Kl

    kim> I think Bungee Jumping is at KL petronas twin tower (if I m not mistaken). I stayed in Berjaya Times Square hotel last weekend, very 1st time experience and is great. The shopping center is the largest in Msia, and walking distance to golden triangle, sungei wang/BB plaza, lowyat plaza...
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    Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

    Hav great experience with Marriott, don't worry...
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    Gundam where to find?

    Hi, I found it, just in case you guys are interested... There are a lot in toy shop in KL Berjaya Times Square, about 4-5stores selling similar products (Gunpla), so very competitive price...
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    Gundam where to find?

    Wanna to find gundam (cross bone), anyone know where can I get good deal (except via online store)?
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    Calling all Malaysian brides/grooms

    Hi, if any of you need a MUA from JB, I have recommendation... My JB MUA - Kylie (KaiLi) is superb, she is charging RM 350 for dinner, to stay for 2nd hairdo will charge additional RM80. I love her makeup, even better compared to my SG MUA. She also goes extra mile, lend me hair accessory, hair...
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    (2011/03) March 2011 BTB

    Yup, F&amp;E. >_<
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    (2011/03) March 2011 BTB

    [email protected] (luvs_eternity) > I have paid hotel and airfare. That's the problem. Aihz... I am checking whether can get any refund/change destination. I dont dare to go esp aft the nuclear plant exploded but my hubby still wish to observe 1st.
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    (2011/03) March 2011 BTB

    [email protected] (luvs_eternity) > Mine is not good, bcos I booked the tokyo ticket next mth...
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    Venue for Wedding dinner - 80 pax

    Marriott hotel, I hav 80pax also. Just have my wedding banquet in early March.
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    (2011/03) March 2011 BTB

    settled my JB dinner also, everything is fine... but... next will be my honeymoon...
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    Any good bridal shops?

    eileen> You may refer to my AD PG - Alan, [email protected] he is superb and the fee is very reasonable. For makeup artist, I am using Cannice (90079589), I find her not bad, my mother-in-law also said very well-done but my sis said my eye can be enhanced more. Ha^^ so it depends la. But...
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    (2011) 2011 Brides

    Hi, all 2011 btb jiayou! I just hav mine over the weekend. Everything is so smooth. Must thanks for many many ppl. Remember no matter how tired/nervous of you, please smile^^
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    Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

    Yup, thanks thanks...
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    (2011/03) March 2011 BTB

    smilem> Yup, nervous but after 1st march in everything is ok liao. No matter how, just smile. Ha^^ luvluv> I dont prepare recessional song, maybe you can try fly me to the moon (which is my 2nd march in song), more relax n fun style. I still have one more banquet this coming sat. Yeah!
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    (2011/03) March 2011 BTB

    Hi, my AD &amp; sg banquet is over. So happy n more relax now... must specially thanks for the banquet mgr and the photographer. They are so professional n helpful. Everything is smooth and guests also quite puncture. Thanks for everything...
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    Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

    Hi, my wedding lunch is over. So thankful for all of the marriott staff. They are so professional and helpful. Everything is so smooth. My guests also quite puncture, only late for abt 10min. I would like to specially praise the indian banquet mgr (although I dont know his name), he is so...
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    (2011/03) March 2011 BTB

    joyle, how is it? tml is my big day lo