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    hi there, I am over at States now. To get cheaper hotels, u guys might like to try to book from This website goes by "bidding" method. Can really save a lot. =)
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    Looking for people/couple to go on tour of West Coast USA

    hi, I am currently in USA and I must say that maybe you all can give San Diego a miss... nothing much over there.. Car renting is not very ex. A normal sedan will cost like USD300+ for 10 days. However, space is limited so luggages must not be too big. Enjoy the holidays... =)
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    Hi Pigz_Gal, I am currently in States and we do a lot of road trips over here. It's pretty fun and get to see a lot of things at the same time. One thing, driving over at LV must be very careful as the drivers there tend to be rather reckless. The places you want to go will fit nicely into...
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    A Chatting Place-Introduce Yourself

    hi there... would like to join in the chat here... =)
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    Anyone plan to have baby?

    Hi dlver, I am over at Arizona. =) Hmm... I guess, just need to take things easy or maybe be a bit more "hardworking" during those fertile period. But my hubby is always tired and even need to travel away for work. So... I guess, chances of me conceiving is very low. =(
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    Anyone plan to have baby?

    Hmm... interesting thread over here. My hubby and I are also trying for baby now. We've been married for 2 yrs plus. But seems like quite hard to get conceived. Or maybe, we are not 'hardworking' enough. =) I am currently a full time housewife coz we are over at States, he's being posted...
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    Hi shellie Please send to [email protected] Thank you
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    Japan trip - Chan Brother or CTC ?

    Any idea what will the weather in Japan be like in early April? I just booked my package with CTC 2 weeks back... =) Leaving for Japan this coming Sunday... =)
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    Phuket, Patong Beach

    Hi, Is May a good month to go Phuket or Krabi? Moonsoon season starts when?
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    Plaza Park Royal

    Hi all, I am an ex Plaza ParkRoyal bride (on Sept 05). I just discovered that I have some wedding cards left (you can just put the insert in). If anyone is interested, I can give them away FOC. Please PM me or email me at [email protected] Cheers.
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    Accommodation in Krabi

    Hi LPH, Thank you for the information. =) Ya, I can see that accomodation is more ex in Krabi... Not sure which one I wanna go... hee hee...
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    Accommodation in Krabi

    Hi LPH, I have a question... I noticed that you have been to both Krabi and Phuket... May I ask, which is nicer? Thank you. =)
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    M Hotel Singapore

    Hi, I just attended a friend's wedding last week. I must say that the service is quite alright. What I notice is that the banquet manager was there all the way, from 6pm+ till the end of the wedding, making sure that everything runs smoothly. Other than that, the kitchen served the food...
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    Frds wanted

    Oh... I hope I can be of some help to you. =) Need to refresh my memory a bit... Wow... very romantic!! oversee the lake... doing in the evening? Best will have sunset. =) Oh.. so you will get your own photographer for ur studio and outdoor shoots? Good to have pple recomend... Yes...
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    Frds wanted

    Hi ahxue, I am already married... last year, September. =) Oh.... luckily my in-laws never give me this kind of stress... my MIL also seldom cook coz most of the times, we go back home late. So, which hotel are you with? And which BS? =)
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    Frds wanted

    Hi ahxue, Seems like our liking is almost similar. =) I am 27, going 28 in 2 month's time. =( I also love shopping... and... I also can't cook (glad I am not alone)... haha... Are you married?
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    Hokkaido Trip-Natas Fair

    hi blur blur, I think 2 weeks back, Chan Brothers had a roadshow at Suntec City. I was interested in their year end Hokkaido + Taiwan package. When I asked them what if the trip is cancelled (due to insufficient pax to start the tour), what will happen? The sales person told me, they will...
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    Taipei - budget accomodation ???

    Hi Cute Koala, My email is [email protected] Thank you. =)
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    Taipei - budget accomodation ???

    Hi Cute koala, Is it convenient staying at this fan dian? Can share with me your itinerary? You went for how many days? Thank you. =)
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    Plaza Park Royal

    Hmm... Because I wrote to Vincent on some issue and Pauline replied me, saying that she's taking over his post (even signed off as the Senior Banquet Sales Manager)...