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    My [30m] girlfriend [28f] always say I'm useless and her mom [50s] agrees

    I would rather your friend be single and happy than married and bullied. Its starting already and it will go downhill from there since she doesn't see that as a good trait.
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    Broke up & wish to reconcile

    I should have been more clear. My apologies. Just typed it off the top of my head and should have been more specific. Lets not worry about that anymore. I learn something new every day as a newbie forumer. :) Cheers.
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    Broke up & wish to reconcile

    He I didn't encourage her to go back. He (The One) is still out there. Don't give up hope in seeking the true one is what i mean. :)
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    Too much to handle or am I just too selfish

    I agree with going to a marriage counsellor before you pull the plug. Find ways to salvage your marriage to a win-win situation. Maybe she doesnt know her actions cause such consequences or she doesn't want anything to change even after marriage. Change is hard. Going to a counsellor will help...
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    My conflict with Mother In Law

    Reading all these post made me think about my late MIL. Dont get me wrong she is a wonderful person. She never had a daughter so she treated me as one. We spent days shopping, going for groceries and helping her with the house. She doesn't demand me to help her in any way and that made me want...
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    Broke up & wish to reconcile

    Sorry maybe I left that part out. My family was very surprised to know about me dating a foreigner however they are also very open and friendly with my now-PIL. I hope TS will stay strong and move forward towards a new start. I think the fake pregnancy scare woke him up for something he isn't...
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    Girls.... Can you accept this?

    I married a botak! At 1st I was a bit concern but not long after I found out his qualities outweigh that. He is quite handsome without hair also (maybe i baised LOL) . If the guy love you and treat you right im sure you would be nonchalant to how ppl look at you or even him. Its just a...
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    Broke up & wish to reconcile

    Hi TS, I signed up an account to reply to this. I am sorry to hear about your plight and would like you to know that it would be better for you to move on without him. I married a european (dated 3 yrs and married for 3 yrs) and there is no such thing as fear of families not accepting the...