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    6.5 or 7 kg front load washer, which model is good?

    Very tempted to get Bosch cus my home uses that but budget allows korean brands only. Am told 8KG safer for queen sized comforter.
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    Anyone considering Botox to contour face?

    I've tried botox before for jaw reduction, it works but then you might have to do it yearly? cuz your jaw muscles will eventually harden again. Quite costly too. See my photos at my blog above... I also tried RF to slim face...
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    A Christian Solemnisation on Sunday

    I'm holding my wedding on a sunday and we're getting a pastor to help solemnize us. But since it's a sunday, doubt we can book a church so it'll be held at the Singapore Art Musuem's auditorium which used to be a SJI chapel.
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    Singapore Art Museum - SAM

    This thread is quiet. Any SAM brides for 2010? I'm using the auditorium to conduct a church wedding, followed by a reception at the glass hall downstairs Anyone knows what sound system the auditorium has? It says basic sound system provided in the rental brochure... I wonder if it includes...
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    Any round face brides?

    I have squarish face but this staff at the BS commented tt I have round face. Anyway, I still think it's more squarish than round. I'm gonna do jaw reduction Botox nearing my photoshoot. If anyone is keen, u can check out my past photos after I had the Botox jab...
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    (2010/12) Dec 2010 BTB

    Ok thanks for the intro!
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    (2010/12) Dec 2010 BTB

    Thomas > What's the mkt rate for 10-12 hours AD PG? Crazyshopper > AD & ROM in mid Dec
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    (2010/12) Dec 2010 BTB

    Deb, I've signed up with Rico in the end, hopefully, things will go smoothly. But sadly my pkg does not include AD PG, anyone can recommend one?
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    (2010/12) Dec 2010 BTB

    Happy Girl, I got your email, thanks! Should we continue discussing in the Rico Amona thread here? crazyshopper08, the person who served me was subtly pushy. Not the pressurizing kind.
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    AD before Flat?

    I have to tie the knot first because once my BTO is ready, I need produce cert to exchange for keys. And I don't wish to do solemnization & AD on separate days.
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    (2010/12) Dec 2010 BTB

    Deb,I also think so if wanna be model should be FOC. Perhaps, you're really pretty with a handsome HTB. Cuz I seldom hear from friends who are getting hitched that BS use such tactics on them.
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    A Relax Room for the BTB to release their stress!

    my ad is in dec but i get so caught up in planning now that sometimes i forget to have dinner -.-
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    Actual Day Schedule

    Hihi, just to share my current draft for AD schedule. Anyone can help see if I left anything major out? 5:30 AM Wake up 6:00 AM MUA at bride's place 08:00AM Pick bride up 8:30 AM Reach groom's house for tea ceremony 10:00AM Wrap up everything & send bride to Hotel 10:30AM Bride's...
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    (2010/12) Dec 2010 BTB

    Hi deb, did u encounter before and agreed? What perks did u squeeze out from them?
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    (2010/12) Dec 2010 BTB

    Hi Happy Girl, I'm checking rico amona out too. Do you mind sharing with me your pkg so that I can know more? Thanks! [email protected] BTW, BTBs when you all go do your bridal package shopping, is it common or gimmick for the bridal studio to ask you to be their model for their shoots...
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    Christian church venues anyone?

    Anyone knows ang mo kio methodist's rental charges?
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    (2010/12) Dec 2010 BTB

    Thanks Thomas for the clarification. I'm christain so I'm not supposed to be bothered by all these anyway haha but just that so many people around me are saying the same thing, it just gets to you after awhile. Anyway, very elated to be in this thread! I'm gonna be a dec 2010 BTB too...
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    (2010/12) Dec 2010 BTB

    Hi babes, sorry if this has been discussed before but did anyone here face objection due to wedding held in 2010 because its tiger year?
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    Advice : Things to look out for when choosing bridal package

    Can someone send me their checklist too? thanks alot! [email protected]
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    (2011/02) Feb 2011 BTB

    Aiming to be Feb 2011 bride, but have not booked anything yet. Still kinda clueless about everything.