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    Appliances and Gadgets on The Cheap

    Hi Ladies! haven't been around for sometime but have news to share for those of you looking to get new gadgets/appliances. Was on Singapore-Promotions( and there's gonna be a Food &...
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    Hey ladies, I was just reading about pigmentation problems and was recommended by a friend to the Lumenis M22 treatment-it's the most advanced version of IPL, now called Optimal Pulse Technology created by none other than the creator of IPL, Lumenis. So some people ask what is the difference...
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    Does anyone know how to stop eating?

    I really like may_bride_ann's reply-I agree its really true:) It's ok to snack if you snack on the right stuff:) and also for me I eat small meals through the day, so that's every 3-4 hours. It helps when you have small meals at more regular intervals too then the hunger build up isn't that...
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    Appliances and Gadgets on The Cheap

    Hey ladies, For those of you who are also looking for new home appliances(I'm looking for a new TV and Home Theatre system for the new house) at a budget friendly price and don't want to squeeze around at IT Fairs, I found something for all of us. Audiohouse is having a Price Challenge this...
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    Home decoration ideas need for new home

    Hi Shainakhan, you could totally check out Pinterest for cool ideas! I love scrolling through their pictures-too pretty:)
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    Recommendations for Home Appliances and Electronics?

    Hi ladies! I was looking through the forum and thought it would be pretty neat if we can have a thread where we can share recommendations for home appliances and electronics especially for those of us moving into new houses and in need of new appliances! Here is something I saw that I'm...
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    Trade In Sale Experience

    Hey girlies! I don't know if you guys tried Trade In sales before but I tried it out last week just for fun after I read Audiohouse's ad in the TODAY paper(did any of you guys see that one on Friday last week too?:) So what happened was, the newspaper advertised that we could bring in our old...
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    Need help for acne - dermatologists/ TCM/ products

    I've gone to Skin Pharmacy too! I spent like 180+ for customized face wash cleanser, acne serum and moisturizing gel. I like Skin Pharmacy as well cos their dermatologists use machines to run test on your face so they can give you detailed info about the sebum levels and problem areas in your...
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    Any good eye cream to treat "dark circles".......Pls share!

    eyebags and dark circles are something that every bride wants out of their life-haha I am no exception! I haven't tried any eye creams before because I have pretty sensitive skin-I cannot use creams only gels-am looking for more natural remedies for skincare nowadays. Thank you dale91 for...
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    Food & Electronics Fiesta 2013 Page I saw on Facebook!

    I saw it too! Went down to Expo today-deals are good! Checked out the home appliances!:)
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    6.5 or 7 kg front load washer, which model is good?

    Hey ladies! If you are looking for washers there are a lot down at the Stock-Take Clearance sale @ Liang Court L4 for this weekend only(20-21 April 2013) Went down today and got appliances for the new house *woohoo* was so glad it was within budget coz I picked up quite a few items today like a...