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    Wow, found this thread and found out many places to be considering during my year end Bali trip (hopefully this pandemic will be over by then). It will be good if anyone will be able to share their experiences in Bali during the recent years too! (2018/2019)
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    Sale! 3D2N Stay @ Hokkaido Niseko Green Leaf Village (13-15 Feb 2020)

    Just chanced upon this thread, so nice, good idea for the next trip to Japan!
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    Advice needed

    Oh yes, forgotten to mention the service is really superb! Probably one of the best that you can find for wedding banquet!
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    Anyone been to Turkey**

    I second that! Its really beautiful! Do not miss Ephesus as well! It is a city of colossal monuments and marble-columned roads, really pleasant and beautiful sightseeing trip!
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    Vinyl Flooring Products

    I think you should, my house uses it as well! Vinyl flooring is water and stain resistant! It will give your house a brand new look and it's cost effective! ;)
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    Any Korean theme pre-wedding bridal shop to recommend?

    This sound good, I am interested in Korean photoshoot! Will you be able to pm me the details?
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    Worst wedding photography vendor ever? Thanks (no thanks) Ashton Wong, Ztage and Ztagewedding!

    oh no, sorry to hear about all these vendors going MIA. I am currently planning for my wedding and very afraid such things will happen. Just wondering if anyone else face such similar situation especially during this covid-19 period?
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    Advice needed

    I have been to Jade at Fullerton Hotel for my best friend's wedding! I would say it's a cosy place with a touch of elegance!
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    MONIQUE LHUILLIER Wedding Dress Up for Sale

    Woah! Looks so gorgeous, I would ideally want something similar for my actual day but sadly I can never fit in a US4 :(