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    Koh Samui

    hi ladies, any one been to koh samui in november? is the rain really bad?? i just booked my trip and realised that its monsoon season...
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    Perth F&E

    hi nancy, i've been to both north & south. if you have only 6-9 days, would be preferable if you drove south rather than north. the attractions in the north are farther apart than in south. since you're pregnant, don't think you want to sit in the car for too long as well. u can...
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    Perth F&E

    Hi all, my husband & i recently went to western australia again, this time brought my in-laws along. we spent abt 9 days, visiting the southwest. did a self-drive from perth - albany - margaret river and back. stopped couple of days here and there with farm stay. definitely...
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    Perth F&E

    Hi tine, shopping is limited in perth at night. actually shops close at 5 - 6pm, except on thurs where they open until 9pm (shopping day). if you have the time, drive to margaret river. lots to see along the way. here's a tip! at Cervantes (the town where Pinnacles is at), there's...
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    10k for 4room resale with such a list, possible?

    Hi, u should be able to keep within that if you're not doing any flooring. for the bathroom, you can overlay instead of hacking. that will save you couple of hudreds. hacking will also need to involve water seepage treatment before retiling. whole kitchen cabinet reno would come up...
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    CURRY Fish Head - where's good?

    how abt sammy's curry at dempsey road or banana leaf apolo at race course road?
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    Phuket, Patong Beach

    Hi racherlle, i went to phuket and phi phi last year. if you want a nice little hotel on patong beach, you can check-out the Baan Laimai hotel. it is a 3.5 star. quite cosy, great food and they also have massage. very affordable considering that it is along patong beach. i think it's around...
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    Duties of Ah Yees & Brothers on Wedding Day?

    Hi ladies, wow... didn't know the list is still popular. yeps, i haven't logged on in yonkers. too busy and too old :P been married 2 yrs now. time has flown too quickly. my computer recently got reformatted and i lost most of my files including the one with the wedding day program and...
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    I finally found someone

    u can find it from the movie soundtrack of "The Mirror Has Two Faces" from Barbra Streisand. I loved that show too!!
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    Feel unwell after drinking coffee

    you're normal. heh.. just more sensitive to caffiene. should go for decaf
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    Ang Pow box & gifts for helpers

    hi, just sent to you hope its not too complicated.
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    Hi DJ, go to this website: they have really good promotions for malaysia hotel, once in awhile they have hotels for malacca and penang. I booked Mahkota at RM120 per night. only criteria is must be paid via Visa card - any bank. there's a huge carpark next to mahkota or at...
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    Duties of Ah Yees & Brothers on Wedding Day?

    just sent to you
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    Duties of Ah Yees & Brothers on Wedding Day?

    just sent to you! sorry, was away for a week
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    Ang Pow box & gifts for helpers

    Hi, Just sent to you!
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    "Just Married" Sign-Where to get

    u can make one at Bras Basah.
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    Pangkor Laut Resort

    i stayed at Pan Pacific Pankor. really nice place and not as expensive as Pankor Laut. hope u know that you will need to take a 9hr coach ride from singapore to Lumut to get the ferry to pangkor. or go to KL and its 3hr coach/drive from there.
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    Duties of Ah Yees & Brothers on Wedding Day?

    Hi swatch, just sent to you Hi Winnie, oops, i think i just sent you another one. heh.. Hi Gebbera, my wedding was in September. best advice is that you need to get together a group of good friends to help you on your actual wedding day. my friends did all the work that day...
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    Hotels in Kl

    i stayed at Novotel Century Hotel. it was pretty good. nice rooms. and right at the shopping triangle - near lot 1 area. if you want somewhere near sunway (subang area), stay at subang holiday villa. the rooms are huge!!
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    Sydney - My Honeymoon

    whatever it is, do not stay at Kings Cross area. its scarry at night. i'm serious. i've stayed there before in a reputable hotel but the area around it is just not good.