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    What should I do?

    is your boyfriend's name Jack? and the family name Ass? seriously, you would be better off without him...
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    What to do?

    since she's no longer with the other party, she has gotten over the guilt and you apparently. with you accommodating her now, she's in the dominant position. i know how hard it is to get over another person no matter how mean she is; so until then you will continue to feel very...
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    Housing Advise

    regardless where the market is, just make decisions based on your needs...there's never a best or worst time in any market. people buy not because of prices but rather sentiment. current mood is somewhat muted so even if prices start to head south, you probably may not buy out of fear. if...
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    Divorce Matters

    this is of no help to you but just to highlight a case some years adulterous wife was granted custody of the children as the judge remarked she may have been a lousy wife but not a bad mother...
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    Wish that he is normal....

    you shouldn't be beating yourself about not going through the hardship, a better mother is one who can make her children go through the best times and journey with them....
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    Wish that he is normal....

    you shouldn't lay blame on yourself as it's a random event. this shouldn't also be a pro-life or pro-choice issue. it's purely about how you want to deal with it, you can't blame your in-laws or husband for being disappointed, it's natural. as a parent, it's already hard enough raising normal...
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    Some advice needed for divoice

    it should not matter under what type of ownership contract as this is not an inheritance issue...local laws tend to favour mothers...if you can afford your child alone, strike a deal with him without his support and that he gives up claim of custody.....
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    Sell or don't sell

    given the current not that easy to buy buy another hdb with hdb loans would also require you to use the cash proceeds first.....which is something you'll not have once he uses it...
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    Sell or don't sell

    you should sell, give him his share and go separate ways....
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    Property advice needed

    if you are looking to move into a pte condo, buy resale units now, they are bigger but at a discount from new ones. the next question would be whether to buy freehold or doesn't matter as long as the development is big as it could be redeveloped in the future, hence the possibility...
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    Property advice needed

    if you buy based on your needs, and if finances allow, all else is secondary.....if you try to time the market, it'll be a never ending process..
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    Infidelity in a husband

    take a leaf out of sandra bullock's book, the moment she found out her husband's affair, she left the man together with her kid whom she recently adopted...granted that she didn't need him for support.... when she was just married to him, she was gushing all over him like a silly girl, but...
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    Advise needed on change of surname

    i understand that the new husband also has to adopt the kids least that's what my bro-in-law did....
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    Infidelity in a husband

    you are very zen like, it's hard to take literal the phrase 'ignorance is a bliss' the way you do...the word complete family is an can it be complete when there's a hole in the it you've attained enlightenment or have chosen to put on blinders, best wishes to you...
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    Settling for second best or not?

    i reckon it's pretty much a state of mind, contentment to some is simply happiness without pursuit, to others, a lack of ambition to pursue..
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    Depressed...Suspect Wife Cheating

    at the very least the decision has been made for'll be a cliche to say move on but the fact is just that...wrap up this chapter and write a new wishes...
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    Advice needed: Divorce - Why do I still need to pay 50K stamp duty to transfer out my name in the p

    check the iras website : as the following forummer stated, if he can't appreciate your offer, then sell off the property and split the asset...
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    In a dilemma

    don't you have any siblings to help you deal with her. you can deliberately leave the recording for her to 'discover', or leave a written note to her indicating you know her secret in your wallet..
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    In a dilemma

    you are as culpable by not dealing with the matter.
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    Help!! husband not interested in sex

    you mentioned biking, that's the thing, a biking seat presses on the scrotum, takes the libido out of a man....