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    Merchant Court Swissotel

    any idea abt the rate for lunch wedding?
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    Hi Shellie, I am also interested to know more about the soap and cream. Pls email to [email protected] Thanks
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    Any comment on Sharp Grill Microwave R758K? Thinking of getting this but not sure is this easy to operate for me (a newbie) :P Juz want to use for simple heating up, thawing (microwave) and bake simple cake, grill chicken wing etc (grill)
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    Wedding Shoes^_^

    Check out my wedding sale :
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    Ang Pao Box

    Check out my wedding sale :
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    Ang Bao Box

    Selling a pair of angbao boxes, this bride's is in red colour & the groom's is in gold. Interested, pls email me at : [email protected]
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    Ang Bao Box

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    Angel Wings for Flower Girls...Where can i get them?

    Think kiddy palace have too.
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    Star Furniture

    Is 'zen tradition living' under star furniture group as good?
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    A Place To Vent Anger on Monster In Laws

    Pinkbuttons, be strong for yourself & your supportive parents. Seriously, i don't think your hubby or your mom or in fact, any1, can reason with this MAD woman. Honestly, if i were in your shoe, i would have left long ago. U r nice enough to your hubby for enduring till now. Since u...
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    A Place To Vent Anger on Monster In Laws

    Juz forward the B***h's sms to her GOOD son, that's what i do when i received 'unreasonable demand' sms from my mil. Save it to serve as an evidence which may b useful in future :P They r forever twisting their words.
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    Champagne Gold London Cab

    xuanxuan, try checking with this uncle, Jason Hp:94309619. He was the 1 who recommended Mr Oon to me.
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    A place to show your beautiful kitchen....

    To deodourize microwave, i always put in a bowl of water with lemon juice :D works for me.
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    Qian Xi Restaurant??

    jess, try to get your date ASAP coz suz is not vy accomodating to date changing & will try 2 push u 2 other less popular locations get a few more suitable dates ready b4 going to her :D
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    Qian Xi Restaurant??

    Fion, since u have already placed a huge deposit then think u might as well stay with it IF QX didn't give u much trouble? Actually beside the bosses, all the staff r really quite nice and helpful 1 ^-^b & their food is good too. I also kena from the lady boss but after meeting her...
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    Qian Xi Restaurant??

    Pkum, sorry 4 the late reply. We were lucky tat there r no empty tables, every1 turn up. I m quite surprised too Think after u have pay the deposit, most of the liasing should b with steven or kelvin liao, so think no need 2 worry too much
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    Champagne Gold London Cab

    hi joanne, the white london cabbie is Mr Oon. His hp: 9727 4012.
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    Qian Xi Restaurant??

    Hi pkum, Then we r in the same boat All my guests r from my PIL side 42 tables @_o , we only have 2 tables for our bridesmaids & bestmen & my parent side only 3 tables. With 42+ tables of not confirmed guests, we din pin our hope high on the return but we were lucky
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    Qian Xi Restaurant??

    Pk, yes we managed 2 break but I think it depends on the kinda guests that u invited more than the venue :P Juz my opinion
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    Qian Xi Restaurant??

    Duckling, Think will take me ages 2 load them all up :P Some of them r with some friends' whom took it & I haven get it from them yet. As 4 my AD photographer, think will only get the pics abt a few wks later. Hmm...dunno y but I got rather restless after the AD? Ha ha...mayb it's...