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    Pre Wedding Blues

    i think the issue is with her finance's family and relatives, not the fiancé himself not helping out. to manage the fiancé is easy, but to manage the entire family tree kinda sucks. who is paying for the pre wedding? if it is paid by the guy, guess u have to eat humble pie then. from the way u...
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    so troubled! any advise is greatly appreciated

    such small issue and u thinking of break off??? perhaps u should so the guy can be free. the both of u decided to go to such places and your bf were lucky to get a lapdance performance. And you are upset? why go to such place in the first place then if you are so possessive and emo about other...
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    Pre wedding in JB, Malaysia

    28+4. top up 600rm. whatever number of photos you paid, they will give u softcopy. or they will offer to sell you all the softcopies at perhaps 1-2k rm. not sure. my friend bought, and kept. she told me, never touched the CD. lol
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    Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre

    Review just had my wedding lunch at crystal ballroom two weeks ago. Had no issues with Ashley since day 1 till AD, in fact it was me who bothered her on her rest days. She even gave me more goodies for the AD when we went to pay for the deposit at Feb bridal show at bugis. She managed the...
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    Pre wedding in JB, Malaysia

    it means u will do 3 filters. 300=>200=>100 slowly pick the best out of the best. anyway 66 photos are a lot. and my wedding was 2 weeks ago, we never touched the album since. perhaps at new home will take out for a while, then will keep again.
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    Do you throw away things given by your ex after your breakup?

    it is just a simple question of keep or return or throw. if u free, then go return lo. not free, then keep or throw. if u lazy, then just don't bother and keep. this is like the tiniest issue in the world.
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    Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre

    just had my wedding there. when u are marching in, it takes forever.. it depends on how slow you walk. its not that short. the high low ceiling have to make do. but the high ceiling is impressive, imo. u may arranged your more impt guests along the aisle. which can accommodate ard more than 10...
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    Are u okay if ur bf...

    the unspoken rule is that hands r off the waist. shoulder is ok.
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    Wife cheated and baby not mine

    bro you r right. try not to beat him in public. but can ambush. next plan is, tell wife to go find the jerk's family and exposed his scandal and declared that the child is his. create havoc so he may not have peace. Cos why r u suffering only? kinda evil but I cant let him get off scot free.
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    Wife cheated and baby not mine

    sorry dude to hear this... I had thought about this before. and.... I will just dump this woman. divorce her. lose the bto. unless u can accept your wife kana banged by other guy, and numerous times. and allowed the guy to go raw n came inside. totally crazy... losing the bto is better than...
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    Clashing views of future

    simple solution to a tough question. ask yourself, is he worth your efforts and time? What is your family plans? if there is a negative answer, then move on. meet another guy who doesn't gives u such things to worry about. Instead, the next one will be the one that will be by your side...
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    Pre wedding in JB, Malaysia

    be very careful.. lol... I tried my best and added only 4 photos. whewww.
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    Pre wedding in JB, Malaysia

    u can try Redtie wedding photobooth
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    Wedding Dowry Matters.....

    if you think you can elope, then elope. do without her at your wedding. live without her. she will get to know the taste of her actions and miss the precious moments of seeing her daughter off and welcoming the new baby and all the memorable stages of life with her daughter n family. life's too...
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    seeking advice

    I don't think you can aim one shot one kill in terms of relationship. I seen friends getting married after few months together, seen friends 10 years then get married or even break off. nothing is for sure unless u step out and embrace whats coming your way. the most assure way is to find a guy...
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    Destino bridal

    mine was 6000rm before tax. I have indoor shoot only as I have my own outdoor. what do you want to know? haha better that way
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    Pre wedding in JB, Malaysia

    I said close to 4k if you choose pg (1300 above) and vg (1300 above). I do have friends whom spent a bomb on this. and MUA can easily cost 600 and above if you engage the popular ones. but anyway I m on budget. around your costing. my pg 900 vg 900 mua 450 (figures round up). not easy to find...
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    Wedding Dowry Matters.....

    Hi John. this is getting dramatic. the highest amount I heard of was 16888 and that's my friend's brother-in-law. So for my friend, he managed to get away with 8888. in any case, both amounts are already monstrous!!!!! another way is, elope. We are supposed to get blessings from our parents in...
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    Pre wedding in JB, Malaysia

    budget. around 900. in my opinion, pg vg are necessities. but I wont get to view their work after some time. and if its good, good job. if its bad, theres nothing we can do about it since its over. of course, choose someone u are comfy with on their skills n style n cost. IMO, vg is important...
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    Destino bridal some info here