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    Need suggestions on wedding emcee

    Hello there, it depends if you're looking for 1/2 emcees, bilingual or if they do anything additional like singing etc. I engaged Kevin Wedding Emcee Services for 500 for 2 (1 chinese & 1 english speaking), very nice couple. Hope this helps!
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    2019 BTB

    Been wedding couples, you know, for th first time you would trust tht they’ll write th details down when you sign.. but it’s not always th case. So dear girls, please make sure they really do. It always happens, its all sales tactic afterall.. My hub bargained for it. As we had someone else in...
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    2019 BTB

    Hello, i held 2 weddings late june, 1 in sg & 1 in kl. If you’d need recommendations on mua, pg or vg. Lemme know, as i hired my pg & vg for my sg AD from jb, also had a separate mua for KL.
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    2019 BTB

    You can try looking out for hotel jen tanglin or furama riverfront hotel. I think their rates are around th range you’re looking at. Otherwise, novotel clarke quay’s lunch on weekends are slightly above what you’re looking at.
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    2019 BTB

    Hello, my wedding was 2 weeks ago & we got our package from JB. Although th price was cheap 2500rm for 3 gowns (2 white + 1 evening), 1 kua, 2 suits & 2 father’s jacket. But i wouldn’t really recommend my bridal boutique because of some hiccups and i felt kinda cheated along th way because...
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    Wedding montage

    Oh btw! If cost wasn’t an issue then it’ll be fine to engage someone to do it. But i’ve asked around, normal childhood montage are 300 & above, while animation are easily thousands or 2. I felt it wasn’t really cost friendly and we’d rather spent it on something more meaningful. Like, how often...
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    Which one will you choose first?

    Hi there, I would go for both given the choice again. HDB yes, you'd get a roof over you & have your ass covered, a place to stay. But wedding is once in a lifetime, you wouldn't wanna grow old & look back at your younger days, nor have any regrets on not holding a wedding banquet. It's also in...
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    Advice needed ..

    Hi Ginkola, Wedding planning is both a stressful and happy, & i'm glad you're opening up to ask for advices and such. We were in a pretty similar situation, me & my hub was forking out half the cost each of all expenses we're talked bout. We had our wedding & also our house which came up bfore...
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    Hello, PM if you'd have questions, just had my wedding late June. Hopefully i'll be able to help.
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    morning highlights

    I had AuroraCinematography during my wedding lunch late June. I hasn't received the final edits yet, but the SDE was a hit and all my guests really love their style and gesture. They are from JB & come as a pair (2 pax), very professional and most important rates are not as hike as those in SG...
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    Wedding montage

    Hello there, a lot people uses animoto.. However, you do need to pay a subscription fee to use.. I used powerpoint to do mine as the latest version allows you to convert it into a mp4 file which can be played as a video.. Have fun!
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    Unable to meet minimum tables

    I spoke to my Sales Mgr bout it and they discuss internally with management bout 1 month before my wedding. IF you do have valid reasons for it, medical conditions of a family member or such, they'll try their best to accommodate which is what my hotel did. But i think at the end of the day it's...
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    June 2018 BTB

    Thanks for th advice! Pretty much done for those..
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    June 2018 BTB

    wedding coordinator? you mean hotel side coordinator? or if i hired a wedding coordinator? If it's th latter, i don't intend to hire one.. just gonna get sisters to help me during reception.. I have someone taking care of th decorations for my albums table alrdy..
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    MUA & Hairstylist

    Hello, i’ve just pm-ed you
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    2018 BTB

    I engaged Celest Ong for my upcoming AD. Intially i didnt engage her but contacted Ling’s palette but she overlook her schedule and end up i’ve got to source for others. I think both of them are good, with good reviews. I didnt take up bridal package too. So my vendors are all ala carte. While i...
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    Meetup with photographer

    Hello, For my VG, i didnt meet up with them because it was recommended from my PG which we only had a chat through whatsapp and i transferred him th deposit. Tbh, most of th time works posted through their FB or website would suffice to show their style. I did my PG for some discussion before...
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    Recommendations for affordable AD package?

    Hello, I can't really help on advising a bridal boutique because i sourced mine AD package in JB and have a separate PWS one in TW. But i've visited quite a few boutiques in SG and notice that some don't even usually come with PG, let alone VG, mostly you have to pay for more or source for your...
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    June 2018 BTB

    Hello All BTBs, How's th progress so far? I'm a June BTB, to be exact 23rd June. Venue, PWS, PG, VG, MUA all settled - what's next? Kinda lost. hahaha If anyone has lunch schedule to share with me would be great, email: [email protected] Million thanks! :)
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    Advice on Bridesmaid Dresses

    I would think of getting jumpsuits? Or mayb, pant suits?